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About Us

With the aim to empower people to be happier and smarter car owners, we’re a group of car enthusiasts sharing our insights and honest narratives about cars and our lives in cars. We’re dedicated to sharing our car buying guides, stories and experiences from a personal point of view, and emphasizing on what really matters in a smart, fun, advice-from-your-best-buddy way.

We’ve noticed there are 3 types of car lovers –

a) The polishers that keep their cars clean and pristine without a speck of dust both inside and outside
b) The racers with their main concern in power
c) The classic enthusiasts in love with hot rods, street rods, muscle cars and antiques.

No matter what type you belong to, we all have one thing in common – we love cars which is the most important factor. We believe we will be able to give you some useful and practical info so you can make the most of your precious vehicle. You’re also welcome to share your story with us!

The Teams

Carolina Pina

Nick Steiner

Nick has been a car nut for his whole life as far as he can remember. His father was a car dealer who used to change and repair his cars himself. As a result, Nick had the opportunity to get around all sorts of cars and learned to get his hands dirty repairing vehicles from an early age.

Nick is a great fan of Japanese quality and German preciosity. His deep passion lies in older models that he believes have a flair that takes him back to his childhood. He also loves their durability and reliability when compared to the modern models.

When not out driving his cars, Nick is always socializing online with fellow motorheads and consuming any car facts and figures he can get his minds on.