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How to Fold Car Cover? – 4 Best Methods with Pro Tips!

How to Fold Car Cover
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

Folding a car cover is a task we never want to put much time or energy on. We often just pull off the cover and shove it away like an unwanted piece of cloth.

But when you do this, you’ve no idea about the burden of work you have just piled up for yourself.

Here are 4 easy methods to make your life a bit easier!

Things to do before you fold your car cover

  1. Make sure the fabric is dry. If it is damp there could be mold growth that could destroy the cover.
  2. Fold the cover on the car itself or on a clean surface. Never do it on the ground since dust particles may destroy the fabric and leave scratch marks on the body.
  3. Be aware in which direction and manner you are going to fold the cover so the trial and error doesn’t leave creases on the cloth.
  4. If the cover is dirty, do the laundry if possible, or at least shake off the dust before you fold it.
  5. Keep the folded cover in a quality air-tight bag or case to avoid any possibility of fungal attack.

How to Fold a Car Cover?

How to Fold a Car Cover

Method 1: Fold the cover on the car

  1. Shake off the cover to get rid of any dust particles
  2. If still dirty, fold in a manner that the maximum dust stays in the inner portion of the cover
  3. Make sure the cover doesn’t touch the ground and get dirty
  4. Now start rolling the cover at the back of the car by means of pulling

This is the simplest way to go about the process.

When it’s time to put the cover back on, just lay it on the front and start rolling it in the back.

Method 2: Fold vertically

  1. Fold the cover by tucking the corners into one another
  2. Then start folding it vertically; i.e., lengthwise, two to three times. Keep folding until you have made a long strip of the fabric
  3. One of the seams of the cover should be pointing open to let air escape

Method 3: Fold like a sleeping bag

  1. Start by rolling the cover as tightly as possible
  2. In the process of rolling it, kneel or press the fabric to let the air out
  3. Continue rolling and pressing the cloth
  4. After you have reached the end of the cover, simply fold and sit on the cover
  5. Now insert the folded cover into the case or a large mesh storage bag and then pull its drawstrings

Method 4: Swirling motion

  1. First, start your way around the car and start pulling the cover over the bumpers
  2. Now roll the fabric from the rear or back to the cowl using the swirling motion
  3. Again use the swirling motion to roll it from the front to the cowl
  4. Roll the cover across the cowl till the mirror pocket
  5. Pick the cover in such a way that the mirror pocket faces upwards
  6. Having done this, store the cover in the same orientation as you removed it from the car. This will help you put it on later without any inconvenience.

Tips to Folding a Car Cover

  1. Use a simple cover that is of good quality yet easily foldable
  2. Make an identification mark on the sides of the cover with a pen to know where to start off the process
  3. If possible, get clips stitched at the rear and front parts of the cover so they remain intact.

What About Hail Proof Car Covers?

If you have large hail-proof covers, you may get paranoid just when handling them.

Lay them out on the clean ground, fold them lengthwise (vertically) and ultimately roll them up tightly to let the air out.

When Is the Best Time to Replace a Car Cover?

Since car covers make contact with the harsh elements of nature, they get all stained and tarnished with just a few uses.

The good news is this can be reversed easily with a gentle washing.

But after a certain period, it gets to a point of no use and you need to understand when the ideal time is to replace yours.

  1. There is a lot of wear and tear in the fabric
  2. Doesn’t fit well and there is always a part of the vehicle exposed
  3. Starts soaking water instead of retaining its water or moisture-resistant property
  4. There is a pungent smell on the fabric even after a wash
  5. The cover is not up to the mark


1. Can I put a wet cover on a vehicle?

Ans. No, because there is a high possibility of mold and mildew growth on damp surfaces. These pesky intruders obstruct airflow and cause fungal growth.

2. How often should I wash my cover?

Ans. The answer would be to strike a balance. Generally, too much washing may cause tears and weaken the fabric while not washing at all may lead to the accumulation of dirt particles. Do this at least once a month.

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