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5 Most Expensive Snap-On Tool Boxes – Is Bigger Better?

Most Expensive Snap-On Tool Boxes
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

Snap-on is a USA-based high-end tool manufacturer that supplies quality tools and accessories in 130 countries. Headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, they started their journey in 1920, almost a century ago.

The brand “Snap-On” has been associated with the finest quality tools and accessories for generations. They are specialized in tool storage and have a range of premium toolboxes that can take a fortune to get your hands on.

Today we’ll have a deeper look at these “expensive” toolboxes.

Ready? Let’s go.

Most Expensive Snap-On Toolboxes

1. Classic Supersonic Blue 73″ Roll Cab – Most expensive in the classic series

Product code: KCP1423BCD8

Price: $10,985.00


  • Dimensions — 43 x 73 x 24 inches
  • Work surface — PowerTop™ bed liner
  • Widest drawer — 50 inches (3)
  • Net weight — 668 lbs
  • Load capacity — 2400 lbs
  • No. of drawers — 15
  • Warranty — Field repairable

Classic Supersonic Blue 73 inch Roll Cab – Most expensive in the classic series


This classic series mighty roll cab comes with heavy-duty performance and easy portability. This setup is extremely durable and easy to clean. Equipped with vibration absorbing casters, this 73” roll cab is extremely handy in your workshop environment.

The top 3 drawers on this cabinet are 50″ in width. No matter what tool you use, this cabinet can protect all your tools with elegance. If you like to keep your tools organized and easily accessible, this is a great place to start.

Available in a bunch of eye-catching and customizable designs, this model incorporates features like a high-quality power supply, USB 3.0 ports, heavy-duty cable carrier, external breaker switch, and chemical/abrasion resistance.

Reason to get Reason to Avoid
  • Durable and ergonomic design
  • Integrated power drawer
  • 50” wide drawers
  • A bit difficult to move around

2. Firefighter tribute Masters Roll Cab — Most expensive in the masters series

Product code: KTL1022AWET1

Price: $11,630.00


  • Dimensions — 47? x 54½ x 29 inches
  • Work surface — Stainless steel
  • Widest drawer — 50 inches (3)
  • Net weight — 740 lbs
  • Load capacity — 6800 lbs
  • No. of drawers — 10
  • Warranty — Partial

Firefighter tribute Masters Roll Cab


This is a special tribute to the nation’s firefighters to make their work a little bit easier and organized. This cabinet comes with a 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel top to offer superior durability, and the advanced patented Lock ‘N Roll® system provides exceptional security.

Equipped with high-security tubular locks and collars, this toolbox is a lot harder to pick or vandalize. The cabinet has enough room to store all your small tools and heavy power tools alike.

The decorative magnet panel makes the cabinet look good and gives you easy access. 10 spacious drawers, including 3 extra-wide ones are capable of safeguarding all your tools for a long time.

Reason to get Reason to Avoid
  • Specious design
  • Advanced security
  • High storage capacity
  • Workcenter sold separately

3. 10-Drawer Gloss Black Tool Storage — Most expensive stationary tool storage

Product code: KSDE101AAPB

Price: $12,940.00


  • Dimensions — 60¾ x 60 x 29 inches
  • Base type — Pallet jack
  • Double slides drawers — 8
  • No. of drawers — 10
  • Warranty — Field repairable

10-Drawer Gloss Black Tool Storage


If you are looking for a stationary tool storage, this is your go-to choice. This cabinet is also equipped with the high-end Lock ‘N Roll® system to provide more security.

This heavy-duty storage unit is 100% customizable, meaning you can change the space allocation of each drawer however you like it. Use some dividers to reallocate the space and you’re good to go. They have named this handy feature “SpeeDrawer”.

This ultra-durable unit also uses superior ball bearings in drawer slides to provide you with a convenient and pleasant experience.

Reason to get Reason to Avoid
  • Highly customizable
  • Advanced security
  • Smooth and dependable performance
  • Not portable
  • A bit overpriced

4. Master Series Double-Bank Tool Utility Vehicle — Most expensive TUV

Product code: KRP1022CPMP1

Price: $25,050.00


  • Dimensions — 70 x 106 x 29?  inches
  • Work surface — Stainless steel
  • Widest drawer — 50 inches (3)
  • Net weight — 1582 lbs
  • Load capacity — 6000 lbs
  • No. of drawers — 13
  • No. of lockers — 2
  • Warranty — Field repairable

Master Series Double-Bank Tool Utility Vehicle


This is a great option for those looking for a locker type toolbox. With two 24” wide lockers, this TUV showcases a state of the art ergonomic design and superior quality.

An advanced braking system with larger disc brakes keeps your tool secure while the smooth sliding gives you amazing security and portability. However, this handy device has comparatively lower load capacity than some other units.

Quality material, compact design, awesome portability, and smooth performance is keeping this TUV separate from its competition. This is one of the best TUVs available today.

Reason to get Reason to Avoid
  • Compact design
  • Smooth performance
  • Lockers included
  • Low load capacity
  • A bit overpriced

5. 100th Edition EPIQ™ Utility Vehicle — The most expensive snap on tool box

Product code: KEVP68TA3BLS

Price: $34,630.00


  • Dimensions — 75 x 134 x 30  inches
  • Work surface — Stainless steel
  • Net weight — 2373 lbs
  • Load capacity — 16000 lbs
  • No. of drawers — 10
  • No. of locker shelves — 2
  • Warranty — Field repairable

100th Edition EPIQ™ Utility Vehicle


This is the cherry on top of our cake today. According to their website, This is their most expensive item in their arsenal. However, you are completely free to customize your tool box as per your unique job description and Snap-On will make that for you.

This massive unit is equipped with a super cab drawer system, which provides easy accessibility to all your frequently used items. This utility vehicle also comes with advanced features like SpeeDrawer, PowerLocker, and InPulse™ Drawer Action.

All these modern features, combined with the massive storage capacity will give you comfort and convenience in all your future projects.

Reason to get Reason to Avoid
  • Portable
  • Massive storage space
  • A set of advanced features
  • A bit overpriced

Why Are Snap-On Tool Boxes So Expensive?

Why Are Snap-On Tool Boxes So Expensive


Snap-On uses high-quality chrome alloy to make their tools and that significantly increases the production cost. Unlike the cheap, iron-made tools that will break sooner, Snap-On tools don’t compromise on the quality. They won’t break in half loosening a rusty pipe or bolt.

High quality materials and cost-intensive procedures contribute the most when it comes to pricing the products.

Brand value

You can consider Snap-On as “The Apple of Tools”. Just like Apple, this brand also has been able to create a loyal client base across the globe. In 2019, they sold $4.25 billion worth of tools and equipment.

This might be true that Snap-On sells regular tools only, but each of their products come with a certain commitment to last a lifetime and provide excellent service. They have become a reliable brand in the tools industry and created a unique brand value.


Currently, Snap-On employs over 12 thousand skilled workers and they are giving their best to give you durable, efficient, and high-quality tools/accessories. Every single tool has to go through rigorous quality control standards to ensure you get only the very best.

Metalworking is challenging and that’s why you see low-quality tools. Snap-On makes sure that you get your hands on the best quality tools available that are effective and convenient.

Support quality

One of the most amazing features of Snap-On tools is the lifetime support the customers get. The company has more than 3,000 franchise vans all over the US to provide you with all the tools you’ll need.

Not only that, you’ll also get a lifetime warranty on every single product that you buy from Snap-On – another reason the upfront payment is so high.


Most Snap-On tools are made in US-based manufacturing plants, with the exception of power tools being manufactured outside the USA. With the help of 13 manufacturing facilities and 3,400 franchise vans, Snap-On is serving the whole nation efficiently.

However, being USA based also increases the production, delivery, and maintenance cost of each tool. This makes the Snap-On tools so expensive.


1. How much is the biggest Snap-on box?

Ans: Around $40,000 – $60,000. Snap-On boxes are highly customizable and the price will depend on how much customization you want. I personally saw a 200 inches wide toolbox that must’ve taken a fortune to build. Contact Snap-On for more details.

2. Is Kobalt made by Snap-On?

Ans: Yes. In 2003, a company named Danaher Corporation took over the production of Kobalt tools. Kobalt tools had a manufacturing partner named “J.H.William” which turned into Snap-On Tools the same year.

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