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255 vs 275 Tires: What’s Better for You?

Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

Everyone drives differently, and there are certain features that people prefer. Some like more grip others want a tire that offers good traction in the snow.

The 255 are great if you go on long highway routes because of their steadier and more comfortable ride. On the other hand, 275 are your go-to choice if you want better gas mileage.

Let’s dig deeper and see how they compare so you can easily make up your mind.

255 Tires: Pros and cons

255 Tires Pros & Cons


  • Work with all road terrain
  • Guaranteed a comfortable ride
  • Efficient in different seasons
  • Affordable


  • Smaller tread depth
  • Not so sturdy
  • Wear out quicker
  • More fuel use

275 Tires: Pros and Cons

275 tires Pros and cons


  • Nice designs
  • Less noticeable impacts
  • Good grip around corners
  • Traction for both wet and dry road conditions


  • Expensive to buy
  • Suitable only for large vehicles like SUVs and light trucks

255 vs 275 Tires: How Do They Differ?

1. Load range

255 tires: the load range for this size tire is 1819lbs

275 tires: 1600-2900 pounds


The 275 size is able to handle more than the 255, so it is the better option.

2. Grip

255 tires: good grip for fast driving. Suitable grip for hill tracks. These have good braking power.

275 tires: this tire construction has many qualities when it comes to traction and enhanced road grip.


The 275 wins here with a higher level of grip. The small tire is more likely to break the traction.

3. Height

255 tires:  31.01 inches

275 tires:  32.2 inch


The 275 are larger by only a small amount. There is barely any difference in height.

4. Stability

255 tires; these offer good stability but not as much as the 275

275 tires here, we have better stability, especially for those who like to drive fast.


Both offer good traction, but if you seek that little more when driving fast, the 275 is the better choice.

5. Cornering speed

255 tires: quite a slow cornering speed

275 tires: high cornering speeds


The 275 offers more when it comes to cornering speeds. The 255 does alright, but the 275 is the better option if you like the higher cornering speeds.

6. Straight-line speed

255 tires: slightly higher straight-line speed

275: tires: the 275 sizes offer slower straights


It all depends on whether the straight-line speed matter to you or not. If you like slower straights, choose the 275, and faster, go for the 255.

7. Maneuverability

255 tires: These tires don’t offer a huge difference in maneuverability but offer enough.

275 tires: The bigger the tire, the more road you are covering, which is going to give you better maneuverability.


The 275 are wider, so there is more area to cover. They are better if more maneuverability is important to you.

8. Off-road traction

255 tires:  the 255 tires can easily travel through all road terrain

275 tires: These tires are designed with maximum off-road capabilities in mind


If off-roading is your preferred driving choice, the 275 is best.

9. Riding in the snow

255 tires: sitting in the snow with these wheels will turn the ice into icy wheel wells. These offer no traction in the snow.

275 tires: These offer a little more traction when traveling in snow areas, but it isn’t a huge difference


Both of these are alike when it comes to traction in the snow. Opinions are mixed.

10. Sturdiness

255 tires: the sturdiness level isn’t very high, and these are not an option for many when sturdiness is preferred.

275 tires: these tires have a slightly higher sturdiness level but are still quite poor compared to others


The answer isn’t clear. Both have poor sturdiness, so choosing one may be hard.

11. Riding comfort

255 tires, plenty of comfort to both passengers and the driver

275 tires, these tires offer improved comfort and a transition that prevents any friction from occuring.


Definitely go for the 275 types here. With improved comfort and anti-friction, they are going to offer you a better experience.

12. Treadwear

255 tires relatively poor treadwear is seen at around 10000kms

275 tires, a more robust and durable tread is seen here that does last longer than the 255.


The 275 out weight the 255, which shows heavy wearing around the 10,000 km mark.

13. Fuel consumption

255 tires: These tires offer more fuel efficiency than the 275 due to their smaller sizing. Smaller tires increase fuel efficiency.

275 tires: Larger tires decrease your fuel economy because they are heavier


the smaller tires will give you more fuel for your money. The larger tires will go through more fuel given their size.

14. Price

255 tires: basic tires have a starting price of $160

275 tires: start around $200 and often below $800


Both are not too different in price. The 275 are slightly higher as you get into the better quality tires, but there are still affordable options in the budget range for both types.

When should you use 255 tires?

If you go on long highway routes, then the 255 types are a good option. They offer a steadier and more comfortable ride. You are not as likely to suffer a major accident with low rolling resistance and a more controlled tire.

When should you use 275 tires?

If you want better gas mileage, this option is good. The bigger tire is the better option for larger vehicles and heavier loads. Well adapted for tarred roads and quite suitable for off-road but not as much as the 255.

255 front/275 rear tires vs. 275 all around: Which combination is better?

I went with the 255 on the front and the 275 on the rear and the stance is near perfect. It gives you a staggering look and a bit of rake to the front and the rear. You should experience an improvement in the launching and good grip on road surfaces, including wet weather.


1. Are 255 and 275 tires interchangeable?

Ans: As long as the rims are the same, you can change the tire size. You just need to make sure that the rims and tire have the same diameter internally. They are flexible. So, they can be adjusted in width and height.

In addition to being one-half wider, the 275 also weighs slightly more. Their heights are virtually the same. As long as the tread pattern is similar, your fuel economy shouldn’t be affected much.

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