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Lighting System

3057 vs 3157 Bulb – Which One to Get for Your Car?

3057 vs 3157
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

Different light bulbs are required for different functions in the car lighting system. You should consider specifications such as brightness when selecting an appropriate bulb for a particular section, such as the braking light.

The 3057 and 3157 light bulbs are among the common ones in the automotive industry. Many people confuse them because they are interchangeable. We present the 3057 vs. 3157 debate as a way to help you learn about their differences.

What are 3057 bulbs?

What are 3057 bulbs

3057 bulbs are one of the most popular types of automotive bulbs. You can find them on boats, ATVs, and heavy-duty machinery, as well as parking lights, brake lights, and turn indicators for automobiles.

Dual filaments make it possible to create two distinct brightness levels. Manufacturers can then design lights with several functions within the same housing, such as parking and brake lights.

What are 3157 bulbs?

What are 3157 bulbs

A similar application area applies to both 3157 and 3057 bulbs, contributing to the confusion. From the outside, they are almost identical. However, the 3157 is noticeably brighter in low-intensity mode.

The feature makes them perfect for daytime running lights. However, due to the added brightness, they may be mistaken for brake lights since they are much brighter than rear parking lights.

3057 vs 3157 Bulbs: How Do They Differ?

A Quick Look

Comparing factors 3057 3157
Brightness in low-intensity mode Low High
Energy consumption Low (6.72 watts) Higher (8.3 watts)
Lifespan Shorter Longer
Average rated hours 1200-5000 2000-10000
Height 2.09-inch 1.25-inch
Rear parking light Suits as rear parking light Could be confused with brake lights (doesn’t suit as rear parking light)
Uses Parking and brake lights, indicators and fog lamps, boats, ATVs, and heavy-duty machinery Same uses as 3057 (except parking light)
Daytime use Not powerful enough to be used as daytime light Suitable as daytime running lights
Low filament Illumination  2 CP 3 CP
Low filament wattage 7 watts 9 watts
Current 2.1/0.48 amp 2.1/ 5.93 amp
Generated Heat Low Higher
Price $5 to $8 $5 to $5.5
Osram sylvania 3057 3157
GE 3057 3157

3057 incandescent bulb

Highly compatible

The 3057 is highly compatible with other light bulbs. It can be used in most lamps and fixtures, even if they have special requirements for voltage or wattage.

You can also try it with dimmers or timers to create different lighting effects for different occasions.

Not that dim but has a low intensity that is great for rear lighting

The 3057 is a great choice for lighting up the back of a trailer. It is not that bright but has a low intensity that is perfect for rear lighting.

The 3057 can be used to light up the back of a trailer but they will not provide enough light to see what you are doing in the front.

1200 – 50000 hours lifespan

3157 has a longer average life expectancy than 3057. This makes it more durable. It is important to note, however, that how a driver uses a bulb greatly affects its life.

Researchers have shown that the 3057 and the 3157 light bulbs have lives ranging from 1,200 to 5,500 hours.

This large scale indicates that bulb life is heavily influenced by how the bulb is used and the condition of the vehicle.

Great for the city roads

Incandescent bulbs like the 3057 are perfect for city roads. This bulb is highly efficient compared to a standard incandescent bulb.

It has a 17% efficiency rating. About 5000 hours are expected from the 3057, which has an efficiency rate of 25%. Incandescent bulbs typically last about 1,000 hours.

Marine technology, aircraft, railroad equipment

Bulbs 3057 are used in industrial and automotive applications. Nonetheless, they can be used in various instruments, including aircraft, railroad equipment, and marine equipment. They are sometimes called miniature bulbs.

Halogen technology

Halogen technology is a type of light bulb that uses a tungsten filament enclosed in a halogen gas. The Halogen technology was invented by Georges Claude and patented in 1942. The first

Halogen bulbs were used as automotive headlights and were introduced to the public in 1954.

Halogen technology is used in 3057 incandescent bulbs because it has higher luminous efficacy than other types of light bulbs, such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LED lamps.

No good as a daylight

The incandescent bulbs are created with a tungsten filament. The tungsten filament is heated to a temperature of 2500 degrees Celsius, which is enough to make the bulb glow.

However, they can’t work as daylight lamps because the heat from the filament makes them emit light in all directions.

Low wattage

The incandescent light bulb was invented in 1879 and is still around today. It is a type of electric lamp that produces light by heating a metal filament until it becomes white-hot.

The 3057 incandescent bulbs have comparatively low wattage and are not energy efficient. They require more electricity to produce the same amount of light as an LED bulb.

3057 LED bulb

Can stand against road shock and vibrations

The 3057 LED bulb is a type of LED bulb that has been designed to resist vibrations and shocks from the road. It is also designed to be able to withstand the extreme temperatures that are found in various parts of the world.

The 3057 is a high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient bulb. This innovative fixture can be used in various environments, such as warehouses, factories, offices, hospitals, and supermarkets,.

Lengthy life boosted by hardy filament and excellent gas mixture

The 3057 LED bulb is an energy-efficient replacement for the traditional incandescent bulb.

This LED light has a much longer life span than its predecessor. The filament is specially designed to be hardy and the gas mixture inside the bulb is excellent, which makes it more durable.

They have a long lifespan of up to 25000 hours and consume up to 80% less energy than the average incandescent light bulb with less heat.

3157 LED bulb

Great for break, turn signal, tail, park light, daytime running lights

The 3157 bulbs can be used for brake lights, taillights, parking lights, and turn signals. The brightness makes it suitable to be used as a daytime running light.

Brighter than 3057

In comparison with the 3057 bulbs, the 3157 produces brighter light.

While 3057 bulbs use the same voltage, 3157 bulbs produce more current. In other words, 3157 has a 32/3cp brightness while 3057 has a 32/2cp brightness.

Longer life than 3057

A 25000-hour lifespan is impressive. Compared to other models, this is a huge improvement.

Ensures you are abiding by traffic laws of your state

Aside from improved safety, LED bulbs are also more energy-efficient.

In addition to these leading-edge bulb options, even dark or rainy conditions won’t stand in their way. Added roadside safety will benefit both you and other drivers.

Smaller in height

The heights of some variants may differ. Some designs may be more compact when using 3157 with its 1.25-inch size, rather than 3057 with its 2.09-inch size

Consumes more energy

In comparison to the 3057 bulb, the 3157 consumes more energy. 3057 bulbs consume 6.72 watts, while 3157 bulbs consume 8.3 watts.

3057 vs 3157 Bulbs: The Similarities

Dual filament

The 3157 and 3057 have the exact matching dual filament and c-6 class.

Mounting wedge

Both bulbs use the D.F. mounting wedge


For the 3057 and 3157 bulbs, the voltage is the same. These bulbs also operate on 12.8/14 volts. Since they share the same circuitry, they are reversible as well.


The dimensions are the same both are 2.1 inches in length and diameter sits at 1 inch.

Bulb finish

Both bulbs have a clear bulb finish

Are they interchangeable?

Considering the compatibility of 3057 and 3157 bulbs, they can replace one another.

Due to their common plastic wedge base, they can be interchanged. It is best not to replace the 3157 with 3057 bulbs for the daytime running.

When should you use 3057 bulbs?

3057 bulbs can be used as backup lights, brake lights, parking lights, taillights, and turn signals.

Also, this bulb can last for up to 5000 hours, which is just right for city roads.

The intensity is impressive too. The low-intensity lighting makes it perfect for the back of your car.

When should you use 3157 bulbs?

These 3157 bulbs can be used for brake lights, taillights, parking lights, and turn signal lights. The light’s brightness also allows you to use it for daytime running.

Using this bulb ensures that you follow all of the traffic rules in your area and receive the best service possible from the lights.

Due to the strong filament and gas mixture, you may choose these over others for reliable performance.


Q. Can I use a 7443 instead of a 3157?

No, you can’t because they are similar in size but have a different base part that goes into the plug socket.

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