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How to Reset Service Suspension System & Should You Drive It On?

How to Reset Service Suspension System
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

The dashboard displays a multitude of lights to update you about the condition of different parts of your car. Today, we’re talking about the service suspension system light, why it lights on, and how you can reset it.

The most common reasons that turn your service suspension system light on are wiring issues, compromised air struts, and faulty air suspension compressors. Let’s explore how to reset service suspension system for a better driving experience.

What is An Electronic Suspension?

What is An Electronic Suspension

Electronic suspension is a system that adjusts a vehicle’s performance and riding qualities digitally. This computer-controlled system can sense and adapt to many different kinds of terrains and riding conditions.

The primary job of this type of suspension is to update the driver about different ride characteristics and make necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth driving experience. Some type of electronic suspension can adapt to any kind of road condition you’re in and adjust the shocks and/or struts accordingly.

When parts under the electronic suspension system start behaving unexpectedly, the service suspension system warning will come up. A bright light will be lit on your car’s dashboard until you fix the issue.

To reset the service suspension system and turn the light off, you’ll need to find the underlying issue and fix it. Let’s go through those issues one by one and learn how to reset the service suspension system light on your dashboard.

How to Reset Service Suspension System?

Wiring issues

Wiring issues

The suspension system is usually controlled electronically in most modern vehicles. Wiring issues can make the suspension system less effective, turning the service suspension system light on.

If that’s the case with your car, you need to check the voltage at the load point of the circuit first. If there’s no voltage at all, that might indicate a blown fuse. In that case, replacing the fuse should turn the light off.

If you get at least some voltage, proceed with checking the whole circuit using an ohmmeter. Check for continuity throughout the circuit. If you find a spot with no continuity, that’s where the issue lies. Replacing the wearing will reset the suspension system warning light.

Malfunctioning air suspension compressor

Malfunctioning air suspension compressor

Suspension airbag systems are commonly found in luxury cars and SUVs. It is basically an inflatable airbag of metal springs. When inflated with compressed air, the airbag acts like a spring and suspends the car from the ground. A compressor is used to compress the air.

If there’s an issue with your air suspension compressor, it won’t be able to compress the air and fail the suspension system. This will trigger the warning light, and you may also hear weird clicking or grinding noises coming out of the compressor.

If you’re facing such a problem, it would be best to take your car to your nearest mechanic. They will tell you if the issue is minor and can be fixed easily, or if you need to replace the compressor altogether. Replacing the air compressor can set you back $1000 or more.

Faulty air struts

Faulty air struts

Malfunctioning air struts are also a common reason behind the service suspension system light getting on. Air struts help to control the vehicle’s height by inflating/deflating. Once these air struts fail, the vehicle will no longer be able to support the weight and the driver will have a hard time.

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix to this problem. You’ll need to replace the faulty air struts if you want the “Service Suspension System” light to turn off. However, OEM parts are expensive and rare, so using aftermarket parts can be a cheaper solution. Don’t forget to consult your mechanic first.

Here’s how professionals reset the service suspension system:


Q. Is it okay to drive with the service suspension light on?

You shouldn’t. With a faulty suspension system, your car will react to every bump and hole, making the driving experience much worse. However, if the issue is minor and you are confident enough to carefully drive over bumps, you can drive with the light still on.

Q. How much does it cost to fix air suspension?

On average, replacing an air suspension system costs around $1200-1800. This includes the labor charge ($200-300) and the cost of the parts. Taxes and other charges are excluded.

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