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Will Unplugging Your Ford Car Battery Help Reset MyKey?

Will Disconnecting the Battery Reset Mykey
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

In 2008, Ford came out MyKey® to prevent theft and provide driver safety technology.

While the 2008 or older versions still prevent theft, they don’t let you reset or program the key fob. In vehicles that are 2012 and newer, disconnecting the battery will reset the MyKey.

If you try to unplug the battery of your 2008 or older Ford model, it will remove the MyKey feature and disable your car, and resetting it will be a big hassle for you.

Will Disconnecting the Battery Reset Mykey?

When Ford came out with MyKey®, it was to prevent theft and provide driver safety technology.

It is Bluetooth, a keyless entry code loaded on the fob. MyKey, created after 2012, allows you to customize the radio/CD volume, set speed limits, and set your acceleration settings.

These settings restrict the user from playing the radio louder than the set volume, and limit your speed and acceleration speed, which is an excellent feature if you have a lead foot or teenage driver.

Unfortunately, if you own a Ford vehicle made in 2008 or before when you disconnect your battery, MyKey erases your data which is extremely inconvenient!

MyKey erases the information in cars made in 2008 and earlier due to the fuel injection and ignition in these cars. Not only will it not reset MyKey, but it will also disable the vehicle!

However, MyKey is not available in some of the later versions. Check out your owner’s manual to see if this is available in your model.

Don’t Forget About Admin Keys!

If you buy the car from the dealer, you will get more than one key. One will be your admin key with the factory settings, and the other you will program as your MyKey.

You can use the admin key if you lose the MyKey to start and drive the car. It will also let you program your MyKey or clear your key. Store the admin key safely so you will have it when you need it. You also want to mark it as the admin key.

Never keep the admin key on the same keychain as the MyKey, as the admin key will override your MyKey, and you won’t be able to start the vehicle.

In fact, you cannot reset your MyKey without the Admin key. Lost Admin keys can only be replaced by a Ford dealer.

If you lose your MyKey, you can turn a spare key into a MyKey using your Admin key. When reselling your Ford, it is a good idea to clear your MyKey for security reasons.

But if you don’t have an admin key and you need it reprogrammed, Ford will charge you up to $100 to do it.

What Happens When You Disconnect the Battery?

In a 2012 or newer, disconnecting the battery resets the MyKey to the factory settings, and you will have to reprogram the key with your settings.

But when you disconnect the negative battery terminal, the setting remains with a restore.

If you need to restore your settings, there are several ways it can be done.

How to Reset the Key as an Initial Set-Up?

For vehicles with push-button start, the MyKey goes in the back slot located in the cup holder or the storage section of your console. Check your manual for your car’s location.

Step 1: Place the key in the ignition for all other vehicles.

Step 2: Turn on the car.

Step 3: On your information display, you should see Settings. You then hold the button until the MyKey setting pops up.

Step 4: Once that comes up, shut off the vehicle. All your settings should be restored once you restart the car.

How to Change the Reset Settings With the Admin Key?

Step 1: Place the admin key in the ignition and start the vehicle.

Step 2: This next step can be done in two ways. Either one will let the MyKey reset to the settings you choose.

  1. Use the button on the steering wheel and scroll through the display menu.
  2. Or tab to scroll through the display menu.

Select “Settings,” and next select “MyKey.”

Step 3: Shut off the engine and remove the Admin key. Turning off the car lets the vehicle reprogram itself. You have to open and close the driver’s side door.

Step 4: Use your MyKey to restart the car. Your setting should have been saved.

This process is also detailed in your manual if you should need it.

How to Reset a 2008 or Earlier Mykey?

If you own a 2008 or older car, you can rest the MyKey without going to a dealership using the following steps:

Step 1: With the car off, loosen the negative battery cable bolt and remove the cable from the battery.

Step 2: Wait 10 minutes, then reapply to negative cable to the battery and retighten the bolt. During that time, the vehicle’s computer will drain its power. This will complete the hard reset.

Once you start the car with the MyKey, the dashboard should read “MyKey Activation Required.” Then reactivate the key using the manual instructions.

How to Shut off  MyKey Restrictions?

Ford states that you can never remove the restrictions from your MyKey. Several sources have recommended trying to put in the pin several times or removing the fuse for MyKey.

Ford states this is impossible and suggests taking the vehicle to the dealer to avoid damage to the system.

While you can’t remove the restrictions, you can turn them off without a dealership’s help.

Step 1: Using the Admin key, start the vehicle.

Step 2: You will need your four-digit code so it can be entered into the display.

Step 3: After you enter the code, press the OK button. Your restrictions are now turned off.

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