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What Does SE Mean on a Ford Car? – All You Need To Know

What Does SE Mean on a Ford Car
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

Ford has added acronyms such as SE and SEL for over three decades. While most people think it makes one model more special than another, the truth is it doesn’t. Here we look at What SE means on Ford vehicles, other ford acronyms, and their meanings, and how these trim packages affect the pricing on a Ford

The True Meaning of SE

SE can mean a number of things. In Ford’s case, it means Special Edition. Consider S as a standard/basic vehicle. It will be the least expensive vehicle in the model. Once you add the SE, it becomes a Special Edition, meaning the trim package on the car is upgraded.

A trim package for Ford includes engine design, technology, and interior and exterior improvements.

  • Upgrades in design: are enhancements like leather instead of cloth seats or changes in exterior trim like aluminum instead of titanium.
  • Technology upgrades: are technological improvements like reverse drive dash cams, dashboard informational systems such as tire pressure readings, and system failure technology.
  • Engine additions: can be an Ecoboost or 2.0L Ti-VCT14 engine, increases in torque and horsepower.

Don’t confuse accessories with a trim package

Trim packages are specific with a make and model. You can’t change it or add it to the vehicle you want. It is standard for only that model. If you think of trim in terms of an ice cream cone, the trim level is the cone, you can only have a sugar cone, but you can have any flavors of ice cream (accessories) you want. Upgraded trim packages can be factory ordered.

Accessory packages can be added to any model. You can buy the basic model and add the most expensive accessories. Accessories are not model-specific, but trim packages are.

Trim levels are put in place by the manufacturer once the car is off the line; the trim package can not be changed. Any accessories can be installed as an aftermarket upgrade.

While some people don’t care about trim packages and accessories, plenty of people shop for cars based on these enhancements. Ford has a trim package for all their cars, SUVs, and trucks, including their new line of electric vehicles.

Ford Vehicles by Trim Package

All Ecosport models feature a 2.0-liter engine, bucket seats, automatic shifting 6-speed, and a rear camera system.

S model

A basic S model EcoSport is Ford’s subcompact SUV. Its S (standard/Select ) package includes Ford’s Intelligent 4-wheel drive, a turbocharged gas-efficient engine, a SYNC infotainment system, and a wi-fi hotspot. The MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) in 2022 is $23,335. It is the least expensive Eco-Sport model.

SE model

The Ecosport SE (standard equipment, not Special Edition) 2022 has an MSRP of $26,805. Its trim package includes a push-button start, tinted back window, keyless entry, and aluminum wheels.

Other ford vehicle SE models have trim packages, including the Ford CO-Pilot 360 driver assistance technology, which has multiple features to assist driver safety, front and rear LED lighting, and heat/AC controls on the passenger and driver sides.

SEL model

The EcoSport does not have an SEL (Special Edition Limited) model, but you have the SEL trim level added if you order it from the factory. The Ford Edge SUV SEL is mid-range in the Edge model with a 2022 MSRP of $39,345. Its trim package includes heated front seats, signature LED lighting, 18-inch aluminum wheels, and a driver’s seat with 10-way power. Remember that this is not a true special edition, just an upgraded trim package with a price to match.

SES model

The Ford EcoSport SES (Special Edition Sport) is slightly sportier than the first three models. Its 2022 MSRP is $29, 500. The trim package includes a 17-inch blackout wheels made of aluminum, a SYNC-3 GPS/ infotainment, and a 2.0-liter engine. The inside accents are darker, with lighting around the car’s interior. The steering wheel is leather with fancy stitching and a power sunroof/moonroof.

SET model

The 2022 MSRP on the Ecosport SET (Special Edition Titanium) is $29,690. This is the

top-of-the-line EcoSport. It sports a voice-activated GPS with touchscreen, bucket sets made of leather, a B & O sound system, and a heated steering wheel in its trim package.

Ford offers two powertrain options with their trim packages. #1 – The S, SE, and SET can upgrade to a Torque – of 125 lb. per ft., 123 Horsepower, and a 1.0 EcoBoost engine.

#2 – S, SE, SES, and SET can purchase a trim package with 166 Horsepower, a 2.0L Ti-VCT14 engine, and a Torque – of 149 lb per ft.

As your trim package upgrades, so will the price. The ups and extras the vehicle has, the more repairs you will eventually do! When shopping for a new Ford vehicle, trim packages should be taken into consideration.

Acronyms of the future

Ford recently came out with the Mustang Mach-E, their version of a Mustang electric car. They also created new acronyms to identify the models.

Models include the S or Select model, GT, which is said to have the performance ability of the well-known GT, Premium, the luxury model, and the California Route 1, their “Open Road SUV” with an extended range battery. The Mustang Mach E is so popular that all 2022 models have been sold.

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