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Mevotech vs Moog: Which Brand to Rely On?

Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

When it comes to aftermarket replacement parts, Mevotech and Moog are among the leaders in the industry. When choosing which parts you need, knowing what they offer will help you make the best decision for your car.

Here we will compare Mevotech vs Moog as we look at what makes each brand unique, make a side-by-side comparison, and ultimately choose a leader.

Why Is Mevotech a Good Brand?


Innovative advancements

Mevotech’s innovations in aftermarket parts include over a thousand first-to-market parts plus their twelve chassis technologies with patents. They are known for creating parts that support the changes in the automotive market.

Warranty programs and parts coverage

Mevotech uses 3D prototyping, finite element analysis, research and design, platform-based designs, and design optimization as part of the parts manufacturing process. They use a large variety of testing to ensure the end product is high quality while offering industry-leading service and support that backs their warranty programs specific to their technology.

3 different brand offerings

Mevotech’s specialty brand of tools includes:

  • Mevotech Original Grade – OE parts that meet OE exact specifications that create smooth handling, are durable, and reasonably priced.
  • Mevotech Supreme – Durable parts that offer stability to everyday cars and trucks.
  • TTX (Tough Terrain Extreme) – Long-lasting, designed to meet OE standards, and were created for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks

Why Is Moog a Good Brand?


Hybrid core technology

Moog’s Hybrid Core Technology is patented to make parts five times more durable and twice as strong as their competitors. These include synthetically greased joints to decrease corrosion, sandblasting aluminum to eliminate microcracks, metal rings vs plastic rings to increase durability, and zinc-flake coating on nuts and bolts to eliminate rust.

Easy-to-use products

Moog strives to keep their car parts user-friendly, offering virtual training on their website, sending out newsletters, and manufacturing premounted products that are easier to install.

Parts prepacked for easy installation

The Moog website has a page dedicated to finding the correct parts for your car. The parts are easy to install when following the instructions for the prepacked parts and accessories needed to do the installation.

Reliability + good quality

Moog precisely measures the quality of their parts twice, once inline and again at the end of production. The use of smart machines ensures all their parts comply with their quality standards. Both these procedures result in the high-quality, highly durable OE parts they offer to consumers.

IOT/AI mechanisms

Moog maintains their high quality using IOT (internet of things) and artificial intelligence. They exceed OEM standards with their stronger than market offered parts with traceable serial numbers and a 3-year warranty on parts.

Their Garage Gurus are reachable by phone, online, and on-site for customers needing assistance.

Warranty giving positive impact

The quality of Moog products is evident by their 4% return rate on warranted parts, showing that selling durable, quality car parts will positively impact the warranty returns.

Mevotech Vs Moog – Which Is Better?

A quick look

Comparing points  Mevotech  Moog 
Production factories Canada and China Canada, the USA, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey
Installation help No accessory parts or multimedia support Accessory parts, video training, multimedia support
Specialization 12 patented chassis technologies, a catalog with upwards of 1000 parts, and 3 specialty brands Artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), and the Hybrid Core Technology
Focus point Designing aftermarket parts that will meet the needs of a variety of vehicles Educating clients on car systems and how to choose the correct ones
Warranties limited lifetime warranty 3-year warranty on all parts with a 4% return rate
Performance Moderate Better
Control arms Ball joints and brushings Only ball joints
Lifespan Smaller Bigger
Price Low High

Wheel bearing comparison: Mevotech vs Moog



  • Installation is easy for beginners
  • Reduced friction and wear and tear with grease pre-lubrication of bearings
  • Enhances load capacity
  • Enhanced performance from noise and vibration reduction
  • Smoother ride with a reduction in noise
  • Maintenance-free


Customer complaints of faulty sensors needing replacement



  • Easy-to-follow instructions for simple installation
  • ABS sensor included in the package
  • High-quality polymer and copper wiring offer improved conductivity for the ABS signal
  • Offers prevention from corrosion and rust
  • Highly durable
  • Can be used in domestic and foreign vehicles
  • Quad-lip seal creates protection against contamination
  • Smooth and quiet ride from precision matched components


  • Customer complaints of replacing the anti brake system in the first year
  • Customers complained that on delivery the product was loose in the package

Ball joint comparison: Mevotech vs Moog



  • Simple and easy installation
  • Created with heavy-duty driving in mind
  • Inexpensive high-quality parts
  • Durability noted throughout the product
  • Ball joints encased in blue polyurethane boot to reduce moisture and contamination
  • All metal ball joints for a solid feel and increased durability


  • As with all ball joints, they will need replacing
  • Complaints about the blue boot cracking in the first 50 miles



  • Domestic and foreign cars can use ball joints
  • Durability guarantees a long life of the parts
  • Shock and impact absorption while driving


  • Ball joints are more expensive than Mevotech

Control arm assembly comparison: Mevotech vs Moog



  • Affordably priced
  • Internal contract area of the control arm has a rugged, reliable covering
  • Compatible with multiple cars
  • Grease-fitted ball bearings are easy to grease
  • Heavy-duty corrosion resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Improved stud and ball movement from upper and lower metal ball bearings


  • Ball joint in assembly not covered under warranty



  • Bushings and ball joint comes preassembled
  • Sturdy control arm made with high-quality materials
  • Easily assembled
  • Can be used on domestic and foreign cars
  • Improved alignment and fit created by OE-style geometry
  • Parts inspected and a bench testing guarantee is offered
  • Improved impact absorption from Bellville washers
  • Pre-installed bushings decrease noise while driving
  • Lower joint has grease fittings
  • Designed to be durable


  • Harness wire clips come separately

Mevotech vs Moog: How They Differ

Mevotech Vs Moog – Which Is Better



Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a certified mechanic, Mevotech parts are easy to fit and install. Installation time is approximately 2 hours, depending on your experience.


Moog offers quality prepacked parts with instructions and required accessories, website training, and customer support so both experienced and inexperienced mechanics to replace parts easily.


Both offer durable and great-quality parts, but Moog sends the accessory parts needed to finish the installation.


There is no winner in this category. Moog and Metovech offer the highest quality tools. Both manufacture parts made of top-notch materials.


Durability is the standard for both manufacturers. Both brands manufacture parts much better than OEM replacement parts. Their technologies and processes are what make them stand out in the industry.

Specialization differences


Mevotech offers 12 patented chassis technologies and a catalog with upwards of one thousand parts plus three specialty brands to carve out the specialty parts niche they maintain.


Moog uses artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and the Hybrid Core Technology to achieve specialty parts and premier quality.


They are both winners in their industry, offering winning technologies as part of their manufacturing processes.



A limited lifetime warranty comes with all parts purchased.. Warranty limits are unique to the parts ordered.


There’s a 3-year warranty on all parts with a 4% return rate.


While Mevotech offers a lifetime warranty, it is limited, and they have a higher warranty return rate than Moog, making Moog the clear winner.



Within its product line, Mevotech offers less expensive tools with high quality.


While Moog parts are more expensive, they back up the higher pricing with premium production.


Despite the higher prices, Moog still maintains a substantial consumer following.



Mevotech’s better than OEM replacement part quality performs well, especially in a passenger vehicle.


Moog’s parts are used in NASCAR and have proven to handle well, placing them in a category above Metovech and OEM replacement parts.

Mevotech vs Moog: Which one should you pick?

Both Moog and Mevotech manufacture durable, premium quality replacement parts that exceed OEM standards. Each has a customer assistance program but Moog offers training videos and multimedia support as well. Each manufacturer is a highly regarded brand and leader in the industry.

Mevotech is more affordable, and some consider it lower in quality than Moog.

With superior customer educational offerings, Moog has proven their parts are of excellent quality, as seen in their low (4%) return rate.

Each company has offerings and technology unique to the aftermarket parts industry and tried and true technologies that consumers trust—this is an even comparison with no clear winner.


1. Where are Moog parts manufactured?

Ans. Moog has production facilities in 16 countries, including Germany, Japan, China, and the U.S. All facilities maintain the standards that make Moog a global leader in the auto parts industry.

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