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Yokohama Yk740 Gtx vs Michelin Defender

Written by Nick Steiner

Both Yokohama YK740 GTX and Michelin Defender are among the most widely used car tires in the US. If you long for a quiet, steady, and relaxing driving experience; the Yokohama YK740 GTX can provide what you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in having great traction over dry ground and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle; the Michelin Defender would be the best choice for you. In this article today, we’re going to portray a side-by-side comparison so that you can choose better. Let’s get started right away.

Yokohama YK740 GTX Vs Michelin Defender: How Do They Differ

Yokohama YK740 GTX Vs Michelin Defender

A quick look

Comparing factors  Yokohama Yk740 Gtx Michelin Defender
Weight Heavier Lighter
Speed rating variety 185/55515 to 255/55R20 175/70R13 to 235/55R17
Tread design Less aggressive More aggressive
Tread look 3 big rain groves 4 big rain groves
Performance quality on snow Low High
Ride convenience Modarate (Not as good as Michelin ) High
Road noise Low High
Off road performance Low High
Grip Under Wet Conditions Better Worse
Treadwear Warranty 60000 treadwear mileage warranty 90000 treadwear mileage warranty
Value for money Low High
Popularity Less popular More popular
Availability Hard to find Easy to find
Eco friendliness Low High

1. Material

Yokohama is heavier than Michelin as the latter weighs about half Ibs lighter than Yoko which has a weight of about 1 Ibs.

2. Speed Rating

The Yoko tires have available H- and V- speed ratings and their variety runs from 185/55515 to 255/55R20 whereas the Michelin tires are available from 175/70R13 to 235/55R17.

3. Traction In Dry Conditions

Both tires have features that enable them to move and traction in dry conditions and dry pavements.

4. Off-Road Performance

You may think that both of the tires will fail in the off-road performance category but this is not true. Although Yokohama may have a less aggressive tread design, the wide groove of Michelin helps survive sandy, dusty muddy, or rocky roads.

5. Thread Look

The thread pattern or look of Yokohama is sportier as compared to Michelin along with a great shoulder block. It has three big rain groves and a smaller one, opposite Michelin, which has a similar shoulder back, and 4 big rain groves.

6. Driving Performance On Show

Yokohama may function or survive only in situations of light snow and its tread depth may not function well at this point, whereas on the other hand Michelin groove design and hard rubber make it a perfect pick for icy roads.

7. Ride Convenience

The grip and quietness of Michelin Defender make it a better option for the road as compared to Yokohama YK740 GTX which is a bit heavier and hence, not the desirable option.

8. Road Noise

Michelin is quieter in relation to road noise but they are a bit squishy whereas Yokos are a tad harder with little less road noise.

9. Grip Under Wet Conditions

The YK740 GTX performs better in wet conditions as it has ESL orange oil and 3D snipe features which make it compatible in wet road conditions. But to accelerate the speed, the strength of the tyre becomes questionable. In the case of Michelin, it’s hard rubber enables grip in wet conditions.

10. Treadwear Warranty

Yokohama has a 60000 treadwear mileage warranty whereas the Michelin defender has the longest mileage warranty i.e., up to 90000. Therefore, the defender has a better and longer life expectancy.

11. Cost

When comparing the pricing, both the tyres fall in the same bracket. They both are a bit expensive, but the better tread life and ability to survive in harsh road conditions make Michelin the better option.

12. Availability

Along with being the heavier one, Yokohama YK740 GTX is also less popular i.e., difficult to find, and also does not have too much information on reviews as compared to Michelin which is very popular.

Yokohama YK740 GTX: Pros And Cons


         i) Tire Tread Technology

Yokohama has a reputation for being an outstanding all-season tire because of its amazing and positive features. One of them is the tire tread technology, which has drawn a lot of people as the asymmetric pattern and ELS (End Locked Silica) orange tread compound traction. Because of this ELS, the tires can withstand harsh extremities of temperature, rendering it efficient contact both on dry and wet roads.

      ii) Steady Handling Functionality

What makes the Yokohama YK740 GTX stand out from other tyres is its crisp and steady handling functionality. You may be too cautious or have to be afraid while making sudden brakes or cornering. However, be careful at much higher speeds for it is not a racing car.

    iii) Dependable On Snow

One of the many problems for touring tires is harsh and freezing weather. But with this tire, this is no more a challenge. The teeth of its tripe 3D snipe make it capable of driving in situations of low and moderate snow. Thus, this product is great in snow and something one could be dependent upon.


    i) Price

Yokohama tires are on the pricier side than any other variants. Although its pricing is the same as Michelin Defender, the first choice of any customer while evaluating on the basis of the price will be Michelin because of its longer tread life and its ability to survive on tough road conditions.

ii) Snow Traction

If you are a person from an arctic area and have to choose a suitable tire, Yokohama may be the eBay choice. This is because although you can manage wet road conditions with its ESL feature, you can’t count on them in heavy snowfall.

iii) Warranty On TreadLife

While analyzing the mileage and tread life warranty, one can easily understand that Yokohama offers only 60000 tread life warranty, which is far less as compared to its competitors assuming the high price of the tires.

Michelin Defender: Pros and cons


  i) Off-Road Adventure

Most of the time, all-season tires are not best suited for off-road adventures. But Michelin is a total game-changer. With its wide grooves which are enough to facilitate movement in rocky, sandy, dusty roads.

    ii) Cost-efficient

Although the tires are expensive, these are worthy purchases of the features and benefits these tires have to offer. There is enhanced fuel efficiency at a lower cost. This makes your gas tank last longer.

  iii) Eco-friendly

Michelin has always been a creator and leader of eco-friendly products. One such example is its tires’ longer mileage, there is less waste produced yearly.


   i) Advanced cornering feature

These tires need to have advanced cornering. With improvement in the cornering grip at a higher speed, the tires will turn out to be the best.

  ii)  Tread Life

Although, the promised tread life mileage warranty is 90000, the reality is a bit different. Sometimes the mileage is less than 90000.

When Use Yokohama YK740 GTX

  • You wish for a quiet and relaxing drive
  • You wish for a tire with the best steady handling feature
  • You desire good traction along the dry pavement

When Use a Michelin Defender

  • You want to promote and adopt eco-friendly brands
  • You desire good traction along the dry pavement
  • You want a tire with lasting mileage

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