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How to Tell If F150 Has Max Tow Package?

how to tell if f150 has max tow package
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

Ford makes a variety of trucks. The Ford F-150 is a full-size pickup truck and is currently the best-selling Truck in America. This model includes work trucks, off-road raptors, and luxury trucks. It makes the perfect family vehicle and a great work truck.

You have recently purchased an F-150. You are looking to tow a boat, a camper or want to do some hauling. You will need to know if you already have a tow packages. If you have one, is it a Max Tow package?

Hitch a ride with us while we drive you through this!

Defining a Tow Package

Defining a Tow Package

All the vehicle parts needed to tow a load safely come in the tow package.

Although people often identify a trailer hitch as the tow package, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

It actually increases the weight rating so you can tow weight more reliably.

In short, a tow package is an upgrade for your weight rating.

A factory-installed tow package usually includes:

  • A hitch platform
  • Transmission and engine cooler
  • Wiring harness for trailer towing
  • A sturdy frame to mount the hitch

There are other options that can be added to increase the vehicle’s safety when hauling a load.

To ensure you can safely pull a load with your truck safely and maintain the truck’s condition, you need to know what a tow package includes. Besides you hitch that is it can consist of:

  • Sturdier transmission and brakes
  • An upgraded differential rear-end gearing that makes towing easier
  • A stronger electrical, wiring, and cooling system so you can handle those heavy loads
  • An upgraded suspension system, including but not limited to enhanced shock absorbers
  • An engine with more power

Remember that all these features may not be included in the tow package that your truck manufacturer is offering. Your truck may only have some of these above features.

What the Tow Package Does and Why You Want It?

A tow package makes it easier on your truck when you are hauling a load, and it the direction and the position easier to manage as you drive your truck.

The Max Tow package increases your towing capacity by adding all the mechanical and electronic parts that come with a basic tow package, plus it adds upgraded features.

If you want to haul the maximum weight your vehicle will allow, you must know the benefits of using a max tow package.

  1. Monitored tire pressure – the screen on the F-150 alerts you to a pressure change in any tire because each tire has a pressure sensor in it. It helps you pinpoint where the problem is.
  2. The F-150 has a camera feature that lets you view your truck from all angles. This camera’s visual capacity is amazing! This allows you to position the truck and see what you haul easily.
  3. It makes backing up your truck easier. When you want to back your boat to the right, you turn a knob to the right. The boat attached to the Truck turns toward the right. Eazy Peazy!
  4. Every F-150 comes with a “smart connector” that’s positioned between your truck and your boat. If there is a problem with the connection, a red light blinks, alerting you to check the connector for any

What a max tow package includes

The max tow package for F150 includes…

  • 20” wheels
  • Front sway bar upgradation
  • 5 Ecoboost Engine or 5.0L V8 (models prior 2021)
  • Rear spring upgradation
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Larger bed
  • Larger fuel tank
  • Electronic gear locking
  • Larger side view mirror
  • Receiver hitch
  • Heavy-duty radiator and oil cooling
  • Trailer plug
  • Haul/tow mode
  • Brake controller

How to Tell If F150 Has Max Tow Package?

How to Tell If F150 Has Max Tow Package

Check your truck for the following features that will help you identify if the F150 Tow Package has been installed:

  • An electronic-locking rear axle with a 3.55 gear ratio increases your traction when you drive in snow or mud
  • A rear bumper upgrade
  • Integrated trailer brake control (helps you brake more smoothly and automatically applies the trailer brakes when you step on the brakes of the truck. This is important as you can tow up to 13,2000 pounds)
  • A 36-gallon fuel tank (the standard gas tank is 23 to 26 gallons)

If you have bought a used F-150, you will have to ask the previous owner if they did any upgrades on the vehicle they purchased.

If you can’t ask them (maybe you bought it two years ago, and now you need to know), you can check the VIN (vehicle identification number) in the truck’s window.

Then use the number to find out if the truck has the Max Tow package.

Your owner manual will also tell you if you have an F-150 Max Tow package

So I Can Install a Max Tow Package, Right?

If your truck has a V8 engine, you have max tow capacity already. The actual tow capacity is about the engine size, not everything you can add to it.

While you can upgrade parts on your car to tow a boat with more efficiency and safety, it will not increase your towing capacity. Only the engine can do this!

If you have a V6 engine, you can tow things within their weight limit; YOU DO NOT have max towing capacity. So you have to install the V8 engine to that.

The cost to install the machine is $4000 – $6000 and should be installed by a dealer to ensure it is done correctly!

If you want to do this yourself, you should talk to a truck dealer to understand what is involved.

Be sure to compare the upgrade and its included parts vs. buying the parts separately. Add in the time it is going to take you before you make any decision.

If you really want the max tow package, you are better off getting a new truck with this already installed.

Wrapping It Up

Having the F-150 Max Tow Package will make driving and carrying a load easier. It offers safety equipment that other trucks do not provide. Let us help you manage the car and the bag easier in bad weather and poor driving conditions.

Installing the max tow package on your truck will require the proper tools, know-how, and costly. Before purchasing your next truck, you should consider the F-150 with its max tow package as the best option.


1. How Much Does A Tow Package Cost F150?

Ans: It adds approximately $4000 to the MSRP of your vehicle if you are buying the vehicle as new.

2. What is the difference between the Ford tow package and the Max tow package? 

Ans: For a similarly configured truck, the max tow package has 2700 lbs more towing capacity than the standard tow package.

3. How do I tell how much my F-150 can tow?

Ans: There are stickers at the driver’s door jam. There you’ll find info on exactly how much weight your truck can carry or haul safely.

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