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Altering Car Sound 101: How Exhaust Tips Can Help!

do exhaust tips change sound
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

How much do you love your car? Do you feel great when people compliment your pretty ride? Whether you are a vehicle enthusiast or not, reviving your car following the latest trends is something almost every car owner wishes to do from using the best clear coats for headlights to using the quality cold air intake.

Something that might not seem important is the exhaust tip. You might think that no one would notice that tiny pipe-like thing on the back of your vehicle. But people do notice and the exhaust tip does matter. And getting a new branded or aftermarket exhaust tip will definitely improve your vehicle’s bodily aesthetics and sounds. Moreover, it can complement the other parts you plan to revamp or already have upgraded.

Types of Exhaust Tips

Difference Exhaust Tips

Single wall

Single wall exhaust tips are made of only one layer of metal tubing. Any tip can be single-layered. These are more affordable than double-layered ones.


The double-wall exhaust tip, as you can already guess by its name, has two layers of metal. In fact, only one layer is wrapped inside itself forming a double layer. This is a more complete and stable design than that of a single wall and offers a heavy, solid, and intense look.


Intercooled tips are the ones with a secondary exhaust tube inside, joined by fins. This gives a turbine kind of look to it. You can have an idea of its function by its name. This tip is designed to cool down the gas when it exits the system. This makes the sound softer and subtler, pretty much like whistles. Another feature is that it doesn’t increase horsepower.

Turned Down tips

These are also known as ‘dump outs’. The primary characteristic of turned-down tips is that they are angled down toward the road. This allows the gas to be exhausted onto the road instead of reaching the car behind yours. Plus, the sound gets hit on the road and reflects which causes amplification resulting in a louder sound.

Rolled Edge tips

Rolled edge tips have a smooth, rounded edge which makes them seem to have a curved inward look. This offers a stylish appearance for your car. The internal depth of the rounded outlet edge makes your car’s exhaust system look larger than it actually is.

Straight Cut tips

A straight-cut exhaust tip is like the one you already had equipped in your car by the manufacturer. But a new one of the latest models would definitely improve your car’s functions and design. Plus, your car would have a traditional yet flashy appearance.

Angle Cut tips

The difference between an angle cut and a straight cut is the outlet edge. Angle cut tips are cut at an angle other than 90 degrees. This is more compatible with cars that have a sharp and muscular look.

Do Exhaust Tips Change Sound

The exhaust tip is part of the exhaust system of a car. The exhaust system is actually a piping network that allows the reaction gas from the car engine to flow into the air. This way, the engine can work smoothly and continuously. However, the only thing visible on your car’s exterior would be the exhaust tip. But this really doesn’t make any changes to the car’s exhaust system. It is merely a physical upgrade.

Upgrading the exhaust tip, however, is pretty popular these days. We have already discussed different types of exhaust tips. Most of them are very easy to install. You can just attach these aftermarket tips to your car’s exhaust system using screws. Some tips can be slid into the system making the process even easier.

Effects of exhaust tips


Even though exhaust tips don’t have any effect on your car performance, they certainly do make significant alterations to your car’s sound. It’s that deep, strong roaring sound of the engine starting that a lot of vehicle enthusiasts desire. And installing a new exhaust tip can help produce this kind of sound.


The default factory exhaust tip that is installed in your car is just there to emit the dirty air from engine. So it might not look that good. But aftermarket or branded tips can also give your vehicle a more desirable look aside from removing the gas. And there are so many types in the market. You can get a chrome or a matte finished one, an intercooled tip or a rolled edge tip or any other type you like and upgrade the aesthetic of your car.

Guide to alter the exhaust sound

Noise Laws

You already know that the sound of your car should be within a certain degree as per the noise law. Otherwise, you’ll get tickets. So before uplifting your car sounds, consider checking how loud your car already is.

Replacing the muffler

Mufflers are programmed to absorb as much sound as possible. This is used to quiet down your car. So if you want a louder sound, get a new muffler. Now choosing a new one might be really difficult and risky too. It is recommended to ask an expert.

A car mechanic or any other person with knowledge and experience can help you decide what to buy. Most of the time, they advise you to get a straight muffler. Through a straight muffler, the exhaust gas comes out instantly without interruption. So these produce a remarkably louder sound than the one factory mufflers do. They make your car perform better too.

Adding an exhaust tip

For people with lower budgets, getting a new exhaust tip is really economical. Exhaust tips can amplify your car sounds and they come in several styles. Using a new tip is convenient for getting a louder sound and improving your car aesthetic without spending too much. To get the maximum sound out of it, a double wall exhaust tip with flared ends is recommended.

Increasing the exhaust pipe bore

Expanding the bore of your car’s exhaust pipe is another way to make your car sound significantly louder and deeper. If the pipe is not wide enough, you won’t get the sound you want. But increasing it too much may not bring the desired level either. Increasing the bore within half and inch to one inch will definitely work. Also, make sure the other part works after the alterations.

Using welded hangers

Certain exhaust systems hang from the vehicle on a rubber mount. This particular type humidifies the vibrations that pass through the exhaust system. To counter this, connect welded hangers to your exhaust system. Then you’ll be able to hear the exhaust vibrations as you want to.

However, you might face some difficulties. You could end up hearing too much noise inside the car. To solve this issue, get a rubber-connected free-hanging system.

Unclogging the tube

It’s possible that the sound you desire is dissipated due to some clogs in your exhaust tubing. Try unclogging the exhaust tubing and it might give you a better-sounding exhaust system. Cleaning out your exhaust tubing is not too time consuming. Also, you don’t need to spend money. So it is a good idea to try this before going for any other option.

Getting turbochargers

Turbochargers are a considerable option. Vehicle manufacturers often offer turbochargers that will make your car exhaust sound remarkably louder than it normally does. Moreover, they will significantly improve your car performance. However, not every vehicle can use these. So check if your car is compatible with turbochargers.

The drawback of getting a turbocharger is that it will cost a lot for the fuel needs. But still, many consider this option helpful.


1. Does the size of your exhaust tip matter?

Yes, it does. The bigger the tip, the louder the sound, just like we see in trucks or other large vehicles.

2. What changes the sound of an exhaust?

Any alteration in the exhaust tubing can affect the sound of your car, be it muffler, exhaust tips or simply any change in pipe diameter.

3. Is dual exhaust louder than single?

Yes, compared to a single exhaust, a dual exhaust will produce a louder sound.

4. Do exhaust tips add horsepower?

Dual exhaust tips help the engine to breathe and increase horsepower. But compared to a single tip, a dual one is worth the cost as it can help improve fuel economy too.

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