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Are Everstart Batteries Good? – The Shocking Truth!

are everstart batteries good
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

In short, yes! The batteries from EverStart are easily affordable and work fine for a long time. These durable batteries can operate even in freezing temperatures and other extreme weather conditions. They are easy to use and don’t require any maintenance.

are everstart batteries good

EverStart batteries are produced by Johnson Controls, a U.S. battery manufacturer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has been in the market since 1885. They provide a huge selection of batteries that can support almost all of your power needs.

EverStart batteries have become increasingly popular over time because of affordability, performance, and availability. They are Walmart’s in-house brand partner and you can get one in any of your nearest Walmart stores that sell batteries.

Types of Batteries Available

Marine batteries

are everstart batteries good

EverStart has a range of deep cycle and starting batteries to support all of your marine power needs. These batteries are purpose-built and can efficiently handle any small or medium boat.

The deep cycle batteries are specially designed to discharge heavily without taking any damage. They can provide a steady stream of electricity which car batteries simply can’t.

The starting batteries can unleash quick bursts of energy and are purpose-built for the larger boats.

Automotive Batteries

According to Walmart, 92% of the cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market use EverStart batteries. The batteries are built to last long and be efficient.

These car batteries use chemical reactions to generate electricity. The most prominent types of car batteries are lead-acid and AGM batteries. EverStart has a wide selection of car batteries to choose from.

Leisure and RV batteries

are everstart batteries good

The best thing about EverStart batteries is they require minimal maintenance. You can just set it in its place(Walmart will install the batteries if you tell them to) and forget about them.

Standard car batteries can’t handle the power needs of (Recreational Vehicle)RVs. EverStart has an arsenal of deep cycle and starting batteries that support your RVs for a long time.

Tractor and lawnmower batteries

are everstart batteries good

Tractors and lawnmowers (riding) use batteries similar to car batteries but they’re smaller in size and voltage. These vehicles use a 10-volt battery that works on the same principle as car batteries.

Whether you have a small/large tractor or a riding lawn mower, EverStart has the perfect batteries for you.

Multi-sport batteries

are everstart batteries good

Johnson Controls, the parent company of EverStart has multiple battery brands available in the market and no matter what the job is, EverStart can help you with your power needs.

You’ll get to choose from a wide selection of batteries,including traditional lead-acid batteries, deep cycle batteries, starting batteries, and AGM batteries.

EverStart Battery Design

The primary focus of EverStart batteries is the automotive industry. That’s why they have a wide selection of car batteries. Most car batteries are built on the same principle. They use lead plates and an acidic solution (H2SO4).

The lead plates are used as electrodes and the Sulfuric acid solution provides the necessary electrolytes. The electrodes are made in a lattice structure to maximize the surface area. The more area is exposed to the electrolyte solution, the more reaction will occur.

Each battery contains 6 individual chambers that are separated from each other and connected in a series connection. Each cell can produce approximately 2.1 volts.

The positive electrode is called the cathode and it reacts with the free protons (H+), creating water molecules in the process and becoming positively charged. The cathode is made from lead dioxide (PbO2).

The negative electrode is called the anode and it collects electrons from the electrolyte. The cathode reacts with the acid and creates lead sulfate (PbSO4) in the process. Electrons build up in the anode and when the circuit is complete, travels to the positive cathode.

Everstart batteries convert chemical energy stored inside the battery into electrical energy and power your appliances. The battery has a built-in ventilation system. If the temperature/pressure inside increases, the battery can cool down automatically without any help from you.

How Good Are Everstart Batteries

EverStart Plus vs EverStart Maxx

EverStart Plus and EverStart Maxx are two different battery series from the same manufacturer. The Plus series is a bit cheaper and the build quality is better in the Maxx series.

If we take two batteries from the same group number, the Plus one will be cheaper and the Maxx one will provide more starting power.

For example, EverStart Plus Group Size 35 batteries come with 525 CCA and a 2-year warranty.  EverStart Maxx from the same group provides 600 CCA and a 3-year warranty.

No matter which series or group you choose, EverStart won’t disappoint you.

EverStart vs Duracell

Duracell is a renowned name in the smaller battery industry. The brand is owned by Berkshire Hathaway and they supply outstanding smaller batteries for radios, toys, and other electronic devices.

This might sound a bit ironic but Duracell lacks durability and protection coverage. Not only do they have a shorter lifespan, but their warranty is also shorter in comparison to EverStart.

EverStart vs Autocraft

Just like EverStart, Autocraft primarily focused on the automotive industry. They even contracted with Johnson Controls to make their battery. Unfortunately, The brand has discontinued the battery line in 2020, leaving just one lead-acid type battery.

Autocraft batteries packed some serious punch. The gold version came with 710 CCA with a 120-minute reserve capacity. The main complaints against Autocraft batteries are

  1. They are too expensive for the quality
  2. The quality of their warranty isn’t much reliable

EverStart vs Duralast

Duralast is one of the other 20+ battery brands created by Johnson Controls. Duralast is one of the premium options you can get that will ensure peak performance for a long time.

In terms of battery power, Duralast is clearly the winner. Their batteries are rated at 700 CCA compared to some of EverStart’s 600 CCA battery models. Additionally, Duralast batteries have 120 minutes of reserve power whereas its competitors provide only 80 minutes.

The main drawback of Duralast batteries is the higher price range. You may need to spend up to $100 more to get your hands on a Duralast battery.

EverStart vs Interstate

Interstate is a pretty good competition for EverStart in terms of both money and specification. If you compare the same group size, both of the batteries are powerful, durable, and reliable.

However, Interstate batteries take the edge here because of the higher reserve capacity (130 min) and longer warranty. Even if Interstate batteries have a slight edge over EverStart batteries, that gap between them is negligible.

EverStart vs Champion

Champion batteries are good in terms of a longer protection period. Additionally, Champion has a wider range of batteries available than EverStart.

However, there are some complaints about Champion’s battery quality. The terminals of Champion batteries have been reported to get corroded quickly.

On the flip side, even if EverStart batteries have a shorter protection period, issues like corroding terminals are pretty uncommon with their heavy-duty batteries.

Pros and Cons of Everstart Batteries

Pros of EverStart batteries

  • Affordable price range
  • No maintenance required
  • Durable and safe
  • Exceptional performance
  • Technologically advanced
  • A three-year replacement warranty (from Walmart)
  • Works fine in below-freezing temperatures and extreme weathers
  • Easily available
  • Excellent value for money
  • Comes with free battery testing and installation at any Walmart Auto Care Center.

Cons of EverStart batteries

  • The upside caps of the battery aren’t watertight
  • The overall design needs improvement
  • Non-returnable by mail

Warranty and return policy

How long a battery will last vastly depends on how you use the battery. If a healthy charging and discharging cycle is maintained and you take good care of your battery. it will have a long life.

EverStart provides a 2-3 years warranty on average with their batteries. Higher-end batteries have a longer protection period.

Walmart, the official dealer of EverStart batteries, provides a 3-year replacement warranty on every EverStart Maxx battery. If the battery fails within the 1st 3 years, Walmart will replace your battery for free.

Once the warranty period is over, your battery will still get a bit of additional protection under the term “pro-rated warranty” AKA “partial warranty” for some time (usually 1-2 years).

What that basically means is, if your battery dies within the timeline of the pro-rated warranty, you’ll get partial coverage of the cost. How much coverage you’ll get will depend on how long ago you purchased the battery.


1. Where Are EverStart Batteries Made?

Ans: This might be true that Johnson Controls is an American battery company. Its headquarter is located in Cork, Ireland. The prime locations that have manufacturing lines are the U.S., Canada, and South Korea.

There are assembly lines all over the glove. No matter where the components were produced, there is a good chance that your EverStart battery was assembled in the warehouse near you.

2. Are EverStart Batteries Maintenance-Free?

Ans: Yes. Like most modern-day batteries, EverStart batteries are maintenance-free. That means you can just install the battery and forget about it.

3. How Much Do EverStart Batteries Cost?

Ans: Depending on what size the battery is and how much power it can produce, EverStart batteries from Walmart can cost you between $50-150. Here is the price chart for the most popular car battery types:

Name Type Group Price (retail)
EverStart Value Lead-acid $54.88
EverStart Plus Lead-acid 56 $89.84
EverStart Maxx Lead-acid 124R $98.76
EverStart Maxx Lead-acid 151R $129.76


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