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Interstate vs DieHard Batteries: Where to Put Your Money?

Interstate vs DieHard Batteries
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Paul Lucas

First you need to know that both Interstate and Diehard (Sears) don’t have their own manufacturing facilities. They usually source their batteries through independent distributors and then label them with their logos.

These products are supplied by a number of manufacturers (even from outside the U.S.) that are known as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Sometimes, they get batteries from the same manufacturer (Johnson Controls – in this case).

As OEMs, you’ll see names like –

For Interstate:

  1. Brookfield Business Partners,
  2. Clarios,
  3. Exide Technologies, and
  4. Johnson Controls

For Diehard:

  1. Clarios, LLC (after 2019)
  2. Johnson Controls

However, both these brands maintain their quality standards and you’ll be fine with either of them.

Interstate vs Diehard Batteries: A Quick Look

DieHard and Interstate are both well-known brands in the automotive battery market. Both offer a wide range of batteries for different types of vehicles and purposes.

However, some key differences include:

  • Availability

DieHard batteries are primarily sold at Sears stores, while Interstate batteries can be found at a wider range of retailers.

  • Warranty

DieHard batteries come with a longer warranty, typically 3-5 years, compared to 2-3 years for Interstate batteries.

  • Performance

Both DieHard and Interstate batteries are known for their reliability and performance. People prefer one brand over the other based on their personal experience or recommendations.

Ultimately, the choice between DieHard and Interstate batteries will depend on personal preferences, availability, and specific battery requirements.

Interstate vs Diehard Battery: Detailed Comparison

1. Series of products


Interstate has a wide range of 6 -12 volt batteries that come in different series. Each series consists of a large number of batteries for different types of vehicles.

  • Commercial

This line of heavy-duty batteries are designed for commercial use in vehicles such as trucks, buses, and other large vehicles. They offer reliable starting power and extended battery life, making them suitable for demanding commercial applications.

  • M

Designed for passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and SUVs, they have reliable starting power, long service life, and low maintenance requirements.

  • MT

These heavy-duty truck batteries are designed for commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

With a high ratio of electrolyte-lead, they can resist more heat, which helps increase their longevity even when used in hot weather conditions.

  • MTP

A top choice for high-performance vehicles such as sports cars, luxury cars, and high-end SUVs, their high cranking power suits moderate to cold weather.


AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is a lead-acid battery technology that uses a fiberglass mat to absorb the electrolyte, resulting in a vibration-resistant, maintenance-free, and spill-proof design.


MTX Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) may seem like standard flooded batteries at first glance.  But there are some updates that allow them to have premium performance and long life. They can only be used in vehicles that support an EFB battery replacement.

  • MTZ

With non-alloy pure lead and an advanced plate design, this is their most premium series that offers faster recharging time and enhanced lifespan compared to the regular AGM batteries.

This series provides the best possible performance required for power-hungry vehicles with a number of accessories. They are used in RVs, cars, jeeps, vans, trucks, and SUVs.


Diehard also boasts a large collection of batteries designed to serve different purposes. Let’s find out what Diehard offers:

  • Red

A budget-friendly series designed to deliver optimum starting power required for regular vehicles with low power consumption needs.

  • Silver

Silver batteries are used in vehicles that also have a lower power demand. The main difference between Red and Silver is that Silver has a 2-year replacement warranty while Red has one.

  • Gold

Gold batteries feature the Stamped Grid Technology that gives them nearly three times more corrosion resistance capability, increased durability, and full grid utilization for 60% more electrical flow compared to other grid designs.

  • Platinum

These batteries are made for medium power supply to regular vehicles and are an upgrade to the Gold series. Since they are manufactured with increased density, they have 30% more cycle life compared to regular flooded batteries and can power more accessories.

They also feature the Stamped Grid Technology and a full grid design.

  • Platinum AGM

Platinum AGM batteries are the most premium series from DieHard. They are specially manufactured to fulfill the rising power demand of vehicles that have many accessories along with the “start-stop” function.

  • Heavy Duty

These batteries deliver the exact starting power that heavy-duty applications call for. They are designed for agricultural applications and commercial trucks.

2. Price range

With a range from $60 to $350, Interstate batteries are very affordable compared to the same sized batteries from other brands.

Diehard also offers quality batteries at reasonable price tags. According to size and power, they may set you back $100-$300.

3. Durability

The durability of a battery mainly depends on the use. Those who drive frequently may have to replace their batteries more often than those who drive less. On average, Interstate batteries last 3-5 years.

On the other hand, Diehard batteries are also durable and last 3-5 years, give or take. But the longevity of a car battery depends on key factors like the weather condition, charging system, and the driving frequency.

4. Warranty

Interstate offers a limited replacement warranty to all their batteries, and a performance warranty to some of their batteries.

Battery type Free Replacement Warranty Performance Warranty Period
Commercial series 18 Months
MTZ series 48Months
MTX EFB series 36 Months
MTX AGM series 36 Months
MTP series 30 Months 6 Years
MT series 24 Months 5 Years
M series 18 Months

Diehard batteries come under a limited time free replacement  warranty period.

Battery Type Free Replacement Warranty Period
Red 1 Year
Silver 2 Years
Gold 3 Years
Platinum 4 Years
Platinum AGM 3 Years
Heavy Duty 1 Year

5. Performance

The best part about both these brands is that they have a range of high-performance batteries to offer that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Their batteries are a reliable power source for both off road and on road vehicles. Their excellent RC and CCA value, durability and sturdy build make them a better performer than most other batteries.

Here’s a quick look at their specs and performance levels.


Battery type Cold Cranking Amps– CCA range Cranking Amps – CA range Ampere Hour range Reserved capacity
Commercial 575-1400 715-1750 25 N/A
MTZ 715-800 895-1000 50-71 N/A
MTX EFB 410-950 510-1185 10-100 N/A
MTX AGM 410-950 510-1185 10-100 N/A
MTP 370-850 465-1160 35-110 N/A
MT 370-970 465-1125 50-90 N/A
M 425-850 530-1060 50-80 N/A


Battery Type Cold Cranking Amps– CCA range Cranking Amps – CA range Reserved capacity Ampere Hour range
Red 450-950 560-1000 60-160 minutes N/A
Silver 370-840 500-1050 45-165 minutes N/A
Gold 500-850 625-1000 85-150 minutes N/A
Platinum 585-800 730-1000 100-150 minutes N/A
Platinum AGM 340-900 465-1000 57-160 minutes N/A
Heavy Duty 420-1400 525-1750 77-450 minutes N/A

6. Availability

Interstate products are available through more than 150,000 dealers in the U.S., which includes Costco and other retail stores. Such a huge distribution network means you’re always backed by Interstate no matter where you are.

DieHard batteries are manufactured and sold by Advance Auto Parts – one of the largest automotive parts retailers in the United States. You can find DieHard batteries at Advance Auto Parts stores and other retailers that sell automotive parts and accessories.

7. Maintenance

Interstate’s liquid-electrolyte, Marine/RV, and deep cycle batteries are considered low maintenance batteries. The sealed lead acid batteries of Interstate are maintenance-free.

Diehard also has maintenance-free batteries designed to be maintenance-free that do not require regular checking or topping up of the electrolyte level.


Q. How many volts is a car battery?

Ans: A fully charged battery should be 12.6 volts or higher and when the engine is running this number will rise to 13.7 to 14.7 volts. A battery will be considered dead if it measures 11.9 volts or lower.

Q. Is Costco Interstate Battery good?

Ans: Costco Interstate batteries have the same power range as Interstate batteries but they have a different warranty policy. Overall, they are good batteries that you can try with confidence

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