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DieHard Gold vs Platinum: What Every Car Owner Should Know?

DieHard Gold vs Platinum
Last Updated on Sep 11, 2023 By Paul Lucas

Most aftermarket automotive batteries are made by the same three companies in the USA – Johnson Controls, Exide, and East Penn. Of the three, Johnson Controls alone has more than half the market share.

However, when buying a car battery, the brand doesn’t matter as much as the correct battery size. Then comes the importance of the warranty period.

Both DieHard Gold and Platinum have 3-year free replacement warranties while the Gold is a little cheaper.

So what separates the two? Let’s dig deeper.

DieHard Gold – A quick look

DieHard Gold batteries are designed and engineered to deliver the highest cranking power for vehicles with a “low” power demand. They perform well in all temperature situations and you will observe a rapid response while starting your car with this battery.

These batteries are manufactured using the “Stamped Grid” technology that increases the durability and corrosion-resistance capability of the battery by three times and results in a  60% rise in the electrical flow compared to other grid designs.

Diehard Gold batteries are affordable AGM and lead-acid batteries found in a number of group sizes to fit in different types of automobiles.

DieHard Platinum – A quick look

Diehard Platinum batteries are manufactured to fulfill the “medium” power demand of conventional vehicles and accessories. Although they don’t have the “start-stop” fuel saving technology, they deliver excellent starting power in any weather condition, hot or cold.

Platinum batteries are also built using the same “Stamped grid” technology, which provides better electrical flow and enhanced durability. Moreover, installation and operation is easier due to their maintenance-free and non-spillable build.

DieHard Gold vs Platinum Battery – How Do They Differ?

Group sizes

The group size of a battery refers to its physical dimensions. With the group size you’re able to ensure if a particular battery model will fit in the battery compartment of your car.

The Gold batteries are available in more group sizes than the Platinum. More choices means you have better chances to find a battery suitable for your car.

Cold Cranking Amperage (CCA)

The CCA measures the amount of power that a battery can supply at 0° F. Batteries with a higher CCA value can start a car engine more easily in any conditions, even in freezing situations.

The CCA values of different group sized Gold and Platinum batteries are:

 Gold Platinum
370-950 CCA 585 to 800 CCA

Reserve Capacity

The Reserve Capacity (RC) refers to the time period that a fully charged battery can deliver 25 amps of electricity to a vehicle or an electrical device before it runs down to 10.5 volts.

 Gold Platinum
57-150 minutes 100-150 minutes

The Diehard Gold group H9 battery has an RC of 110 Ah.


Gold and Platinum batteries are available in several group sizes. For your information, the same group sizes of Gold and Platinum batteries share similar dimensions and weight ratios.


These batteries have an official replacement warranty provided by Diehard. But some suppliers offer a 4-year warranty for Platinum while others have a 3-year warranty.

Platinum – 3-year free replacement warranty

Gold – 3-year free replacement warranty

Terminal Location

Terminal location is the same in both the batteries. The Positive Terminal is placed at the top right side and the Negative Terminal is placed at the top left side.


The Gold batteries are slightly cheaper than the Platinum; i.e., the Gold is priced at $230 while the Platinum is $250, including core charge.

Diehard Platinum vs Gold: Which One’s Better?

Compared to other standard flooded batteries, the Platinum has 30% more cycle life, which allows it to power more accessories.

Other than that, both are robust and offer excellent performance, so you can’t go wrong with either of them when wondering about Diehard Gold vs Platinum.

If you want your car battery to have the topmost starting power in any weather condition then you should go for the Gold.

However, if you want more power for your vehicle and accessories with sufficient starting power then the Platinum is your best bet.

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