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Husky Vs Kobalt – Pick What’s Nearest to You!!!

Husky Vs Kobalt
Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

If you’re wondering who will win the Husky Vs Kobalt debate, you might be disappointed to know that they both offer the same types of power and hand tools with almost the same level of quality and craftsmanship.

Our recommendation? Pick the brand that’s nearest to your workshop so you can easily get your tools and service them when necessary.

Backstory & Origin of The Brands


Husky Tools

The colt-classic tool brand Husky was primarily founded as a wrench manufacturer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1924, by a Czechoslovakian immigrant Sigmund Mandi.

Now the brand is exclusively owned by The Home Depot after being maintained by quite a few organizations.

Throughout a long history, Husky was named in many ways and evolved in many hands.

Husky hand tools were only made in the United States before. But they’re now being mass-produced in China and Taiwan to meet with the worldwide call.


Kobalt tools

Kobalt started 23 years ago in 1998, intending to compete against widespread tool brands like Sears, Craftsman, Husky, and The Home Depot.

Being a comparatively new brand, Kobalt did not restrain themselves from coming to the frontline.

The company derived from selling hand tools in Lowe’s Stores to producing lithium-ion-run power tools today.

Differences & Similarities Between Husky and Kobalt

Key differences at a glance

Comparing factors  Husky  Kobalt 
Founder Czechoslovakian immigrant Sigmund Mandi J.H. Williams
Date of foundation 1924 1998
Birthplace Milwaukee, Wisconsin North Carolina (Lowe’s)
Mother company House brand of The Home Depot American home improvement chain Lowe’s
Products made by Apex Tool Group Chevron
Products Hand tools, pneumatic tools, and tool storage products Hand and mechanics’ tools
Factory locations The USA, China and Taiwan The USA, China, and Taiwan
Branding country The USA The USA
Product line Huge Huge
Design Easy to use design Modern and have a futuristic look on them
Handle coating Soft rubber coating Painted metal coating
Handle material Vanadium steel, along with the chrome finish Vanadium steel, along with the chrome finish
Hand and mechanic tools warranty lifetime warranty lifetime warranty
power tools and Jobsite tools warranty 2-4 years 2-4 years
Mechanic’s Tool Kits warranty Give more warranty time than Kobalt Give less warranty time than husky
price Same range as Kobalt (emphasizes on quantity) Same range as Husky (emphasizes on quality)
Packing quality Low Low

Types of Tools

Husky and Kobalt both are experts in bringing out extraordinary tools. Although they share a similar ground, they’re aiming at different goals to achieve. Husky is a clear winner for making hand tools and pneumatic tools.

1. Power Tools

Husky and Kobalt offer a colossal collection of power tools. Combo Kits, Drills & Drivers, Saws, Impact Wrenches, Batteries & Accessories are the popular ones among them.

2. Air Tools & Compressors

In this arena, Husky and Kobalt make Air Compressors, Air impact Wrenches, Air Grinders, and Air Compressor Accessories. Each item comes with a few different variations.

3. Hand Tools

A hardcore professional or a DIY enthusiast; whoever you are, Husky and Kobalt got your back. Use their Mechanic Tool Sets, Wrenches, Sockets, Screwdrivers, and other Household Tools to fix up anything that might need your attention.

You can purchase them by piece or set however you like.

4. Tool Storage & Garage Organization

Not just tools, Husky and Kobalt have thought of storing and organizing your bits and pieces as well.

Tool Boxes, Tool Chests, Truck Tool Boxes, Garage Organization Racks & Storage Boxes help best keep your gears and accessories.

5. Outdoor Power Equipment

Working outdoors is now an easy show with Cordless Lawn Mowers, Cordless Leaf Blowers, Cordless Chainsaws, Cordless String Trimmers, and Cordless Power Equipment Batteries.

Husky and Kobalt both make high-quality equipment to tackle your most challenging projects.


Both companies make products that are strikingly alike in various ways. Their design, pricing, and warranty program resemble each other.

  • Husky

Husky being a classic tool brand, has a long experience in designing for professionals as well as beginners as they are very easy to use.

If you are looking for well-built techy hand tools or pneumatic tools to meet your mechanic needs, you can’t go wrong with Husky.

  • Kobalt

Kobalt tools are modern and have a futuristic look on them. They feel great at hand and promote a pleasant working experience.

The brand mostly uses “Chromium-Vanadium Steel” as the main material for their tools. A thick chrome plating works as the outer layer for protection purposes.

Handle Ergonomics & Grip

Husky generally uses soft rubber coating for their most handle grips which can be a disadvantage sometimes as you lose your grip working in a greasy place, such as a nasty garage for instance.

Kobalt on the other hand uses painted metal to coat the handles of their tools. Painted metal offers great grip, yet they get out of comfort if you are not wearing gloves after a while.

Accuracy & Sturdiness

Both Husky and Kobalt use up-to-date technology and superior materials to reach the desired durability. The vanadium steel, along with the chrome finish makes the tools strong and durable performers.

Both the companies use denser stems with their tools which improve the accuracy and strength of the gears.

Best-Seller Husky Tools

As Husky satisfies their fans with great features and comfortable usability, people love to buy them.

Some of Husky’s top-selling products are listed below –

–  Husky Hand Tools

–  Husky Mechanics Tool Set

–  Husky Water Resistant Tool Bags

–  Husky Screwdrivers Set

–  Husky Tool Backpacks

–  Husky Pliers Sets

–  Husky Mobile Job Box Carts

–  Husky Drawered Mobile Workbenches

–  Husky Classic Wrenches

–  Husky Pneumatic Tool Kits

–  Husky Rolling Cabinets and Tool Chests

–  Husky Power Tools

Best-Seller Kobalt Tools

Where Husky stands firm in making robust hand tools and pneumatic tools, Kobalt comes with their expertise in serving the world with some of the best power tools we know today.

These are some of their top-rated best sellers –

– Kobalt SAE/ Metric Combination Ratchet Wrench Sets

– Kobalt Cordless Circular Saw Brakes

– Kobalt Cordless Angle Grinders

– Kobalt Lithium-Ion Brushless Motors

– Kobalt Standard SAE Metric Polished Chrome Mechanic’s Tool Sets

– Kobalt Cordless Oscillating Tool Kits

– Kobalt Impact Drivers

– Kobalt Screwdriver & Socket Sets

– Kobalt Brushless Cordless Drills

– Kobalt Metric Mechanics Tool Sets

– Kobalt Variable Speed Keyless Cordless Jigsaws

– Kobalt Cordless Circular Saws

– Kobalt Power Tool Battery Chargers

– Kobalt Li-ion Battery Charger for Cordless Tools

– Kobalt 3 in 1 Folding Saw

– Kobalt Plastic Handle Magnetic Screwdriver Sets

– Kobalt Universal Drive Socket Sets

– Kobalt Lockback Utility Knife Set

Pros & Cons: Husky Vs Kobalt

First of all, these tools are commonly seen as being mid-level or average when compared to the other legendary tool brands like Milwaukee, Bosch, Dewalt, or their Japanese counterpart Makita.

It doesn’t mean they’re bad or poorly made. Husky and Kobalt both are reliable brands offering affordable tools that get the job done for most.

  • Quality Materials

With Husky and Kobalt, you’re getting quality with reasonable pricing. They make their products using rigid ingredients.

  • Awesome Warranty

Husky and Kobalt both offer a lifetime warranty on all their hand and mechanic tools.

You can replace them at your nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s without being asked for anything.

In terms of power tools and Jobsite tools, only 2-4 years are given by both the brands.

Husky has comparatively more guarantee in their Mechanic’s Tool Kits than Kobalt.

  • Safety & Durability

The brands are uncompromising when it’s about safety. Their guarantee scheme speaks aloud of the level of durability they maintain.

  • Price Comparison

Both share common grounds when you compare their price tags. You may get quantity with Husky tools, whereas Kobalt is for those with only quality in mind.

  • Packing quality

There is often a complaint about the quality of their packaging that they are not up to par.

They may promote affordable pricing but perhaps it’s time they should focus on improving the overall quality of their boxes.

Which One To Choose: Husky or Kobalt?

Why Should You Buy Husky Tools?

Husky is your best choice for reliable and durable hand tools.

They have been there for almost a century and their sets offer extra utility when compared to Kobalt.

With their hand tools, you’ll get more work done without paying a hefty amount that happens in the case of Kobalt.

Why Should You Buy Kobalt Tools?

Choose Kobalt when you need great-looking power tools that run smooth like no other.

Kobalt always gives you a better grip and work experience as they generally come with a stronger stem.

The brand was specially brought out to compete with Sears and Home Depot, and it’s beating the competitors with top-notch design and materials.

If you want rational price tags labeled on pro-grade tools with revolutionary features, do not forget about Kobalt.


1. Is Kobalt made by Snap-On?

No, J.S. Products of Nevada manufactures Kobalt tools as of today.  J.H. Williams used to manufacture tools for Lowe’s Kobalt till 2003 before they became Snap-On.

2. Are Husky tools made in China?

Yes, China & Taiwan manufacture Husky tools at present. But they were solely made in the United States in earlier times.

3. What’s the best tool brand?

Top-10 tool brands from 2021 are mentioned below

  • Makita
  • Bosch
  • Dewalt
  • Craftsman
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Ridgid Tools
  • Kobalt
  • Skil
  • Husky Tools
  • Irwin

4. Are Kobalt hand tools and air tools guaranteed for life?

Most of the Hand Tools and Mechanic’s Tool Sets from Kobalt come with a lifetime hassle-free guarantee.

Power tools do not offer life-long return policies but they have satisfactory schemes.

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