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The Best Exhaust for 370z, According to 180+ Customer Reviews

best exhaust for 370z
Last Updated on Aug 24, 2023 By Paul Lucas

If you’re looking for the best exhaust for 370z to spice up your level of excitement while you drive, we’re here to help.

Our motorheads spent a lot of time singling out and reviewing today’s top choices that sound really exhilarating!

Check out our shortlisted exhausts for your Nissan car and see which one seems perfect to you!

Our Top 5 Best Exhausts for 370z Reviewed

01 Extreme Dual Tips Exhaust EXT-MD005


Why it Stands Out To Us

The Extreme EXT-MD005 is a solidly built exhaust system with a great finish. The sound isn’t crazy but the pipes get loud when you want them to.

The minimal difference between the stock and the stationary exhausts is hard to notice but you will get louder cold starts. For a quick and small setup, the product is worth your money.

Our Experience with the Extreme EXT-MD005

  • The EXT-MD005 double-wall exhaust fits perfectly on a Nissan 370z with both sides lined up and centered behind the car. The setup is stationary so you only need to spend 20 minutes to bolt it up
  • The hangers and straight-through pipes are solid. The fantastically polished metal makes the exhaust system an all-around good product
  • The EXT-MD005 is an axle-back system that has a beautiful design. The inside of the exhaust pipes are hollow
  • The exhaust has a medium purr sound to it. Cold starts are lovely with the exhaust pipes and you can use aftermarket exhaust resonators to make them loud. The resonated short tails have a deep sound but no rasp.
  • The exhaust system is a clever way to get rid of mufflers for vehicle weight reduction. The hollow pipes also allow you to open up the exhaust on your car
  • The exhaust is quiet when you drive at a steady speed but makes plenty of noise at higher acceleration. You will notice a deep throaty tone from nearly a mile away. The only thing you may not like is a metal noise inside the car at certain rotations
  • The price is unbeatable for a quick exhaust setup. You want to get this exhaust system to avoid complex and lengthy installations

What We Didn’t Like

  • One of the exhaust tips may stick out more than the other so you have to fix them for perfection

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • Removing the factory resonators to make the exhaust louder is a good idea
  • The vibration of the exhaust needs to match with the engine to prevent any drone at a highway speed


  • Weight: ?4 Pounds
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Exterior: ?Smooth
  • Exhaust design: Axle-back


  • Lightweight
  • Polished metal finish
  • Quick installation
  • Opens up the exhaust of the car
  • Makes plenty of noise at high acceleration
  • Unbeatable price


  • Drone at cruising speed

02 CBE-370-D Catback Exhaust System


Why it Stands Out To Us

The CBE-370-D is a well-built and welded exhaust system that sounds great at open throttles. The catback exhaust sounds great for the price while looking superb on your car.

There’s no obnoxious sound like ricer exhausts but you will like the low tone. If you are impatient or just on a tight budget, this kit is a no-brainer to install.

Our Experience with the CBE-370-D Catback Exhaust System

  • The CBE-370-D catback exhaust system fits a 370z for the most part. The kit comes with some nuts and bolts but your stock bolts might also help do the job
  • The stainless steel material is reasonably cheap for the price, which is visible in the weld joints. The gaskets are of good quality while the welds show no cracks. You won’t have peeling or chipping issues with the burnt tips and they look amazing too
  • The tips are bolted on that you can adjust. You can stick them out over an inch of the rear bumper or push them fully in for a subdued look
  • The muffler cans hang lower than your factory units so the bottom of them may hit the curb or sidewalk if you back up too far
  • The exhaust sounds far superior to what you may expect at the price. A deep throaty tone is noticeable but there’s no drone when you cruise the highway. The loud exhaust gives a nice sound in high RPMs but doesn’t feel obnoxious like ricer exhausts
  • The exhaust kit is a must-buy for the price if you don’t bother about the overall appearance but want your car to make some good noise

What We Didn’t Like

  • One of the exhaust pipes may hang lower than the other so you have to work on alignment issues
  • Welds may start to rust after a few months in the summer

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • You may want to weld one of the hangers an inch over for a perfect fit
  • Paint on the exhaust could help prolong the lifespan


  • Weight: ?66 Pounds
  • Material: T-304 stainless steel
  • Exterior: Chrome
  • Muffler exhaust tips: 2.25″ / 4.50″ (slanted and burnt)


  • Comes with a gasket and hardware
  • Purrs on startup and idle
  • The sound gets a deeper tone after everything heats up
  • No drone at cruising speeds
  • Open throttle sounds great with the exhaust
  • Low price


  • The blue tips wear away after a few months

03 Borla 140313 Exhaust System


Why it Stands Out To Us

The Borla 140313 is identical to the OEM fit with a slightly lighter body construction. The kit gets you tons of compliments on the sound at a great price.

The exhaust is quiet when you cruise around the town or the freeway while making your car better at fuel consumption. Get the right tone and volume inside your cabin and outside with the awesome kit.

Our Experience with the Borla 140313

  • The Borla 140313 is an excellent fit for Nissan 370z with the right muffler tips length. The kit includes an instruction so you can easily do the installation
  • The kit is well built with a lovely finish and design. The tips have a custom look that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your car
  • The 140313 exhaust system gives a performance boost to your car with a lesser weight than your stock unit. The gas mileage increases with the system which is great
  • The exhaust amplifies the deep growl of VQ engines that sounds amazing. You can feel an added loudness and quality to the sound at 4000+ RPM but the whip-like sound between gear changes at 5000+ RPM is lovely.
  • The sound offers the right volume and tone that you can hear both from outside and within the cabin. There’s no droning on interstates so you don’t have to feel annoyed
  • The quality sound makes the exhaust a fairly priced product. You can hardly get another great exhaust at this price point

What We Didn’t Like

  • The sound may lack the aggressiveness that you are looking for

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • You may want to use the exhaust system with an aftermarket header and cat-back to eliminate restrictions for a louder sound


  • Piping Diameter: 2.25 Inches
  • Weight: ?40 pounds
  • Exit: Split Rear
  • Tip Style: Single round half-rolled angle-cut phantom
  • Tip Size: 4.5 Inch round X 7.5 Inch
  • Warranty: Million miles


  • Lovely finish and design
  • Custom-look tips
  • Weights less than stock exhausts
  • Gives a performance boost to the car
  • Helps increase the gas mileage
  • No droning on interstates


  • Not enough loud

04 ISR Performance ST Series Exhaust


Why it Stands Out To Us

The ISR ST series exhaust sounds clean with low rumbles but gets loud when you rev the engine at higher RPMs. The sound gets better with intake while the exhaust kit fits perfectly on your 370z.

The rustproof hardware includes gaskets that sound better with an aftermarket Y pipe. This is a good upgrade from your stock exhaust for a deep tone.

Our Experience with the ISR Performance ST Series Exhaust

  • The ISR ST series exhaust is a good upgrade from stock exhaust systems. The kit is easy to install but may come out slightly on one side. You want to bend or slide the pipes from the rear way up to the Y-pipe for a complete adjustment.
  • The rustproof stainless material looks great on the car. The color of the pipes may change from silver to gold after a few weeks
  • The sound is clean with a low rumble, which can get loud at higher RPMs. You can install the kit with an intake on the car for a sick exhaust sound or get an aftermarket Y pipe to make the sound better.
  • The price of the exhaust kit is admissible when you consider the material and built quality. The rustproof metal body and long lifespan means you only have to spend once for a good sound setup

What We Didn’t Like

  • The silver color of the exhaust may slightly change to gold after a few weeks

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • Needs to sound good with no additional aftermarket Y pipe or intake


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Exhaust pipes: 2.5 inches with bottle style resonators
  • Mufflers and tips: Two aggressive mufflers with four-inch tips
  • Installation: Direct bolt-on


  • Direct bolt installation
  • Deep tone exhaust
  • Clean sound with low rumble
  • Loud at high RPMs
  • Looks great on cars
  • Great option for an overall exhaust upgrade


  • Needs some adjustments for the perfect fit

05 ISR IS-GT-370Z Single Exhaust


Why it Stands Out To Us

The ISR IS-GT-370Z exhaust is made from mandrel-bent stainless steel to ensure high quality. The straightforward installation makes your car look better with the shiny kit in no time.

The exhaust makes an awesome sound while the acceleration gets better with the lighter setup. Get this kit to make a smoother exhaust note and remove high-pitched noises.

Our Experience with the ISR IS-GT-370Z Exhaust

  • The ISR IS-GT-370Z offers the best sound for your 370z. The straight pipes fit perfectly with the car that you can use with factory OEM catalytic converters. You need to install a Y pipe to fit the exhaust kit
  • The shiny look of the metal raises the aesthetic appeal of your car. The mandrel-bent stainless steel ensures high quality so you don’t have to work on the setup for a long time
  • Simple and straight installation. You can spray some white lithium grease on the hangers to slide them right in the place. The surface is easy to rub down to remove the oil after the installation
  • The exhaust system is lighter than the stock unit so you can accelerate faster
  • Awesome sound! The resonated chamber removes annoying hums and buzzes to create a smooth exhaust note but the volume remains the same

What We Didn’t Like

  • The nut patches of the exhaust may not match with your vehicle setup

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • Needs to offer a complete exhaust system


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Finish: Brushed stainless
  • Polished tip and muffler
  • Exhaust: Three-inch
  • Muffler tip: 4.5 inch


  • Simple installation
  • Straight pipe
  • Can use with factory OEM catalytic converters
  • Mandrel-bent stainless steel
  • Shiny metal body
  • Lighter than factory exhausts


  • Only fit for with Nissan 370z models

Best Exhaust for 370z: Buying Guide

best exhaust for 370z

Why You Should Upgrade the Exhaust

Weight reduction

High-performance exhaust systems weigh less than OEM that improves handling and performance.

You may not find the 5 to 15 lbs weight reduction a lot but that adds up when you make other modifications to the car.

Performance improvement

A noticeable power gain is expected after the installation of an upgraded exhaust.

Top brand exhaust systems offer up to 15 WTQ and 18 WHP increments.

Better exhaust sound

High-quality exhaust systems give an aggressive roar at the highest rpm and a deeper rumble at the low-end.

Some systems may cause the 370z exhaust to drone at a highway speed that is annoying and unwanted.

Exhaust System Styles

Dual rear exit

best exhaust for 370z

The system is used on sports cars or installed to give a vehicle a sporty look.

The deeper note that it gives to the exhaust makes a more powerful engine sound.

The dual rear exit exhaust system uses exhaust pipes on the exact opposite sides of the vehicle but they don’t curve around wheels like others.

Dual side exhaust

best exhaust for 370z

The two pipes of a dual-side exhaust system are installed next to each other on a single side that features the look and sound of a high-performance system.

Dual side exhaust pipes are more efficient at expelling gasses than single exit pipes while offering some performance enhancement.

Opposite dual exhaust

The exhaust pipes wrap around wheels to use the bend for the filtering function.

Opposite dual exhausts are more common on vehicles that trail boats, large trailers, or similar large loads.

Single exit pipe

best exhaust for 370z

Single exit pipe is the common type of exhaust system that you can find on cars from dealers.

It’s not the most efficient system but the cheapest to produce and install on cars.

The tip of the exhaust pipe is always found on the passenger side of the car.


best exhaust for 370z

These exhaust systems are costly but they are more efficient at filtering outgasses.

High-performance exhausts are not standard so the only option is to fit the aftermarket.

Some high-performance exhausts can increase the engine performance and efficiency of a car.

Buying Guide

Vehicle compatibility

Most exhaust pipes are made for specific vehicles so you need to find the parts that precisely fit yours.

You need to find the right size for the catalytic converter, resonator, and exhaust muffler so the sound of the vehicle doesn’t change.

Modern cars have exhaust components that give you the choice to change exhaust pipes when you need them. If you have these components, get an aftermarket exhaust pipe that gives the performance and sound of a sports car to your normal vehicle.


Stainless steel

The best rust resistance is found in stainless steel pipes but they are an expensive choice. They are also hard to bend or weld.

409 and 304 are the most popular stainless-steel grades for exhaust parts. Elements like chromium and others are added to make a stronger metal and resist corrosion.

The amount of chromium and nickel found in 409 and 304 is what differs them.

Given the benefits, the extra cost of stainless-steel exhaust is worth your purchase.

Mild steel

The metal is sometimes called carbon steel, which is made from iron with a small portion of carbon.

Mild steel is cheap to produce and is the most common steel type that you may find. The lightweight, inexpensive material is easy to work with but the quick rusting process shortens its lifespan.

Moisture builds up inside the exhaust pipe if the engine doesn’t run in a long time and rusts inside out of the exhaust.

Aluminized steel

Mild steel and aluminized steel exhausts have the same properties with a slight change of aluminum-silicon coating on the latter.

The extra coating raises the price but resists corrosion, which extends the lifespan of the metal. The metal doesn’t shine like chrome or stainless but has a light gray look.

Moisture builds up inside the exhaust pipe if the engine isn’t turned on in a long time. The metal rusts like mild steel if the coating gets scraped.


best exhaust for 370z

Exhaust parts made from titanium are 40 percent lighter and stronger but have the properties to change the color to blue when heated.

Both the stainless and titanium parts are made in the same process with the same tools.

The only drawback is the higher price that causes a rarer use of the metal.


Angle cut

best exhaust for 370z

The outlet of this design is cut at an angle that blends well with aggressive body-style vehicles.

The 4X4 crowd favors the sharpness and muscularity of the design.

Straight cut

Straight-cut tips come with a cavernous appearance while maximizing the visible bling amount under the bumper.

The design gives a performance kit look to your car from behind.

Turndown Exit

best exhaust for 370z

Turndown tips are angled toward the road and they show more chrome when you look down from the curb.

Sound waves bounce off of the road from the tips and back into the car, which makes a slightly louder sound.

The “dump outs” tips also offer a great style for performance enthusiasts.

Dual wall

best exhaust for 370z

Dual wall tips create the illusion of being heavy and solid with a two-layer construction.

Whether you install the straight or angle cut design, the thicker rear profiles make them easier to see from behind.

Rolled edge

The beefy, curved-inward-looking rolled edge tips have smooth, rounded outlet edges.

The rolled edges add internal depth that makes the car exhaust systems look larger than they really are.

Single wall

Single-layer metal tubing is so common that any exhaust tip style can have a single wall design.

Single wall tips are also cheaper than dual-wall exhaust tips.


best exhaust for 370z

Intercooled tips have a secondary tube that you can’t find on ordinary tips. There are turbine-like fins between the tubes that are visible.

These tips don’t increase the horsepower of your car but the unique style surely adds the feeling of high-performance.

Construction process

Mandrel bending exhaust pipe

best exhaust for 370z

A mandrel is a tapered cylinder rod that you can shape the tube against.

The technique requires placing the exhaust pipe in a hydraulic press that bends the pipe using a bending die.

A mandrel is kept inside the exhaust pipe to prevent any wrinkle, which helps maintain the shape and strength of the pipe throughout the bending process.

Keeping the shape of the pipe helps maintain the exhaust flow so the performance doesn’t decrease or affect the system efficiency.

Crush bending exhaust pipe

The technique is known for simplicity and affordability where both the ends of the pipe are held to apply pressure at the targeted spot.

The tube loses the natural shape in the crush bending process that causes wrinkles on bend areas.

The wrinkles can affect both the structural integrity and performance of your exhaust pipe.

Installation Kit

Most of the performance exhaust systems don’t require any modification to fit on your car.

Some kits need minor welding for the installation, which you can find in their product description. Go for a bolt-on kit if you want to install a kit with no hassle.

Emission laws vary from state to state so you may want to check the local emission regulations before you order a kit.


Header-back system installation is labor-intensive work or sometimes impossible to do.

An axle-back system replaces the easiest parts of the OEM exhaust to access. The exhaust sounds far better than a stock exhaust system while adding nearly the same power to a cat-back system.

Fitment and leakage

A necessary step after you replace exhaust pipes is to check their sound and exhaust gas leakage from joints.

A faulty or leaked exhaust joint can cause pollution to the environment while a high sound exhaust system restricts driving in some states.

These problems are safety issues for both the environment and people, which can become dangerous at a higher speed.


You need to consider the material, muffler quality, and the type of exhaust to find the total cost of an exhaust system.

A high-quality muffler costs from $75 to $300 depending on the metal type, quality, and thickness.

Exhaust tips of different materials may cost between $25 and $150. Most axle-back and cat-back exhaust systems have pre-installed exhaust tips.

You can expect to pay from $100 to $500 for a whole exhaust system.


Exhaust parts are specific and limited so you want to pay close attention to their warranties.

A handful of high-performance exhaust part companies offer a one-year warranty at a higher price. Replacements are only available for defects so you need to decide between the price and warranty.

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A bigger exhaust may improve the airflow but that’s only true up to a point.

Backflow restricts the airflow when you run too big exhaust pipes, which causes a gradual drop in the vehicle performance.

The difference is more noticeable at higher speeds with bogging acceleration and a lower fuel economy. The check engine lights may turn on for emissions problems.

What Is the Right Size?

2.25-inch exhaust pipes are more beneficial for the 370Z than 3-inch pipes.

You may benefit from a 2.25-inch pipe once you install large volume fuel injectors, higher flow intake systems with a modded CPU.

Terms You Need to Know

Pipe diameter

Wider pipes can improve the vehicle power with more room for flow.

Don’t go too wide with the pipe or you can kill the backpressure that helps the performance of the engine.

You want to select a pipe diameter that is the best match for the pipe configuration and engine power output.

Sound level

It’s hard to determine how an exhaust system sounds in the real world.

Some manufacturers use verbal descriptors or number scales to give an idea of the sound.

Difference Between Muffler and Exhaust Tip

Exhaust tip

  • The end part of the exhaust system
  • Makes the car produce a powerful and stronger sound
  • Helps replicate the deep, throaty roaring sound effect of a new exhaust system at a lower cost
  • Aftermarket exhaust tips upgrade the aesthetic of the vehicle
  • Larger tips help create a hollower sound while longer tips help project the sound


  • Dampens engine noise and vehicle emissions
  • Consists of a series of tubes, chambers, baffles
  • Made of steel with an aluminum coating that protects against chemicals and heat released from the exhaust
  • Destructive interference occurs inside the muffler to cancel out sound waves
  • Need a new muffler if the exhaust system makes excessive noise


1. Does changing the exhaust tip make the car louder?

Ans: Exhaust tips can sometimes slightly alter the exhaust note of your vehicle but not for all cases. The exhaust note can sound different from before depending on the length of the exhaust tip. The primary objective of an aftermarket exhaust tip is to enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

2. What is the best material for an aftermarket exhaust tip?

Ans: Billet aluminum alloy, polished or chrome-plated metal, ceramic, and stainless steel are the most common materials used to make aftermarket exhaust tips. Each material type affects the tone differently and offers a unique look.

3. Why did my exhaust tip turn black?

Ans: Exhaust tips made from cheap materials like low carbon content with steel can turn black. Serious issues in the fuel system or engine can also cause the exhaust gas to become black that turning the resonator tip into a black color.

4. Should I keep my normal exhaust tips or use a resonated tip?

Ans: Resonated tips are hollow tubes that allow air to vibrate inside to make a loud exhaust. The current exhaust may sound slightly louder but you can hardly notice the difference. A normal tip is recommended if you like the way your exhaust system already sounds.

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