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Top 5 Best Manual & Electronic Boost Controller Kits Reviewed & Ranked by Car Enthusiasts

Last Updated on Aug 16, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

Even in today’s day and age, most vehicle manufacturers take certain measures that disable the users from using their vehicles to their full potential. Although the makers might have all the good reasons for doing so, many motorists oppose this idea and lean towards external automobile parts that enable them to get the performance they expect from their beloved vehicles.

Boost controllers are one of the most common examples of those external motor parts that help you enhance your car’s performance. These devices increase the boost in the engine by simply misguiding the wastegate to stay closed for a longer period. Over the years, they have been developed and upgraded to a certain extent that reduces the chance of damaging the engine. That’s why they have gained a boost in interest among motorists in the last few decades.

However, the risk of overusing the engine’s stock power still remains if your boost controller isn’t configured according to your vehicle’s specs. Besides, every model or type you might find on the market won’t suit your vehicle. So, heading into the market in search of the best boost controller without proper knowledge won’t do you any good.

Here, we have narrowed down the names from thousands to just five and came with a list of the five best boost controllers you’ll ever find. We’ve also shared our experience with these products so you can draw a picture of how good they’ll work for you.

Our Top 5 Best Boost Controller Reviews

01 Go Fast Bits G-FORCE III Electronic Boost Controller (Editor’s Pick)

Go Fast Bits G-FORCE III Electronic Boost Controller Turbo EBC w/Air Fuel Ratio

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you’re familiar with electric boost controllers, you’ve probably heard of Go For Bits. The Go For Bits G-Force III is the latest edition of the brand’s famous G-Force series. This device comes with all the features and functionalities that you can expect from a top-shelf boost controller.

For starters, this exceptional electric boost controller can save six boost settings that you can switch between at any time. You can configure the device in any way you want. You can choose between six color options depending on the theme you want to rock in your car.

Performance-wise, the GFB G-Force III is second to none. It can get you up to 50PSI without any trouble. The display also shows the highest boost level you achieved in each run. If you want nothing but the best for your vehicle, our top pick is the most suitable product for you.

Our Experience With the Go Fast Bits G-Force III

  • Having used the original GFB G-Force, we knew the design and the materials were going to be world-class even before we opened the package. It was exactly like we expected. GFB did a perfect job keeping the device as simple as possible.
  • It came with a few components such as; the display unit, a 3-port solenoid, vacuum line, connecter cables, a user manual, and zip ties. The manual had really detailed instructions about the installation and the configuration.
  • Out of all the electronic boost controllers we tested, the GFB G-Force III had the least complex installation. We connected the solenoid to the wastegate and connected the solenoid to the display unit.
  • GFB kept the user interface as simple as possible. The three touch buttons were easy to use and the display brightness was satisfactory as well.
  • The configuration was very simple and straightforward. We started off by configuring the calibration to 0. We then used the menu button to switch between different categories to put our desired input until all the categories were configured.
  • There were 6 options regarding the color of the display. In the color menu, we could set the default color and the color of the buttons when we pressed it.
  • In terms of performance, we couldn’t be happier with the boost controller. We could set up to six preset boost settings that we could switch between on the go. We achieved up to 50PSI on different vehicles with the GFB G-Force III.
  • Features like the peak-hold display make this boost controller stand out among the others. This feature showed us the highest boost levels we achieved after each run.
  • We noticed a huge increase in the acceleration, torque, and horsepower using the device. The numbers that the display showed were always accurate.
  • After using the GFB G-Force for over two months, we noticed no performance drops or pressure leaks.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It takes a good amount of time to get used to the UI.
  • With that kind of price tag, the display quality could be better.

What Could Be Improved

  • GFB could include a better display that facilitates more pixels.

Our Recommendations

  • GFB marked the three ports of the solenoid with numbers markings. If your vehicle uses an external wastegate, use the 1& 2 ports. On the other hand, if your vehicle features an internal wastegate, make sure to use the 1st and the 3rd port.


  • Dimensions: 6.3x 6.1x 3.7 inches
  • Weight: 1.35lbs
  • Controller Type: Electric
  • Color: Black
  • Maximum Boost Level: 50 PSI


  • Easy installation
  • Great design
  • Straightforward functions
  • Pinpoint calculation
  • Six preset boost levels
  • Peak boost recall
  • Exceptional performance


  • The display could be better

02 Innovate Motorsports 3882 SCG-1 Solenoid Boost Controller (Best Boost Controller Kit)

Innovate Motorsports 3882 SCG-1 Solenoid Boost Controller and Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit

Why It Stands Out to Us

The 3882 SCG-1 from Innovate Motorsports is easily one of the best electric boost controllers you’ll ever see. It comes with some unique features and functionalities that you don’t see in traditional boost controllers.

To begin with, its elegant look complements the interior of any vehicle. With a maximum boost level of 43.2PSI, your vehicle will get a huge upgrade in terms of performance. This exceptionally engineered device features an oxygen sensor that any wise motorist will appreciate.

You can configure the device in any way you like. Even the shift lights can be configured according to your preferences. Once you get used to the benefits of this model, there is no switching to other boost controllers. If the price tag matches your budget, forget everything else and buy the SCG-1.

Our Experience With the Innovate Motorsports 3882 SCG-1

  • The boost controller arrived with quality packaging. Inside the package, there were components like the mount, communication cables, the gauge itself, a 4-bar map sensor, sensor cables, a solenoid, some thick silicon hose, and the user manual.
  • We loved the design and the construction of the device. Innovate Motorsports did a pretty decent job in putting together the whole thing. The display unit seemed premium and the screen size was adequate for showing all the information we needed.
  • The user’s guide had all the information and instruction we needed to use the boost controller. Although it took more than one and a half hours, the installation seemed quite straightforward.
  • On average, we needed about 20 minutes to configure the device in different vehicles. The lack of buttons made the process a bit tricky at first but we got the hang of it after completing a few steps.
  • We went straight into the tests after the configuration was done. The performance was noteworthy. We could crank the boost levels up to 42 PSI without any issues.
  • The display Showed a wide range of information about the vehicle including the boost settings, Oxygen sensor readings, and warnings.
  • Including the oxygen sensor seemed like a very brilliant idea. This feature acts like an extra layer of protection in the vehicle, which is always a good thing.
  • The readings on the display were perfectly accurate throughout our time with the device. The manual parts of the boost controller like the solenoid didn’t show any sign of decline in performance.

What We Didn’t Like

  • There was no closed-loop control system
  • The solenoid cable seemed a bit short for some vehicles.

What Could Be Improved

  • Innovate Motorsports could include a closed-loop control system
  • The shift lights could be brighter


  • Dimensions: 3x 3x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.1lbs
  • Controller Type: Electric
  • Maximum Boost: 43.5PSI
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Eye-catching look
  • Premium build quality
  • User-configurable OLED display
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Boost levels up to 43.2PSI
  • Shift light
  • Easy to use


  • No closed-loop option
  • Shift lights need improvement

03 GReddy (15500214) Profec Electronic Boost Controller (Best for Twin Turbo)

GReddy (15500214) Profec Electronic Boost Controller

Why It Stands Out to Us

The GReddy 15500214 from GReddy is easily one of the best electric boost controllers on the market. The device comes with multiple components that serve only one purpose- to get you the boost levels you want to achieve.

With the display unit, you can configure the 15500214 from your driving seat. With a suitable vehicle, this device can achieve up to 40 PSI without any issues. It works great in both turbocharged and supercharged vehicles. Besides, it performs like a beast in vehicles that use a twin-turbo.

Overall, it’s a great product that any motorist would love to have in their vehicle. Although it’s not cheap, the price is very small compared to the performance it provides. If your vehicle facilitates a twin-turbo setup, stop looking elsewhere and go for the GReddy 15500214.

Our Experience With the GReddy 15500214

  • The device was very well packaged when it came to us.  The design seemed futuristic and the materials seemed premium as well.
  • Though all the information about the installation was given in the guide, having so many components didn’t really ease up the process. We had to drill the car to get the connector wire and the hose to the display unit. We suggest you call a professional for this task.
  • Adjusting this device wasn’t an easy job as well. We had to adjust the high boost and low boost settings.  Both of these settings had 6 parts; set, gain, start, peak, warning, and limiter. We had to configure all of them before we could try out the device.
  • When we started our tests, all the troubles we had to go through seemed absolutely worth it. The boost controller was spot on in terms of performance. The increased boost enhanced the horsepower and torque like magic.
  • We got a huge upgrade in acceleration with the GReddy 15500214. Changing the setting from inside the vehicle was very satisfying. The two buttons were clicky and the dial worked perfectly as well.
  • The device handled boost levels up to 40PSI like it was nothing. However, we suggest you do a little research on your vehicle before you configure the device.
  • It seemed perfect for vehicles that facilitate a twin-turbo setup. The turbos made a very satisfying sound with the increased boost.
  • We attached the display unit above the steering wheel and it looked pretty badass. However, you can set it anywhere that suits you.
  • After months of use, we didn’t notice any decline in performance and the calculations were pinpoint every time. The software of the device seemed nicely programmed as well.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The installation wasn’t easy by any means.
  • Configuring this device takes some expertise and anyone new to this will find it very hard.

What Could be Improved

  • The configuration could be a little easier.
  • GReddy could increase the maximum capacity in terms of boost levels.

Our Recommendations

  • Make sure to set the “warning” to just above the boost level you want to achieve. This will save your vehicle from damages even when you’re not paying much attention.


  • Dimensions: 10x 8x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.3lbs
  • Controller Type: Electric
  • Color: Black


  • Pinpoint calculation of boost levels
  • Excellent performance
  • Eye-catching design
  • Great build quality
  • Increased horsepower & torque
  • Enhanced boost response


  • Tricky installation
  • Complex configuration

04 GrimmSpeed 070002 Manual Boost Controller (Top Manual Choice )

GrimmSpeed 070002 Manual Boost Controller-Black

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Grimspeed 070002 is one of the best manual boost controllers you’ll ever find. Coming from a brand that has earned its popularity by manufacturing excellent professional racing vehicle parts, you know you can trust this device.

For starters, it looks nothing like the other manual boost controllers on the market. Grimspeed has used quality materials in this controller that can withstand incredible pressure. You’ll find it really easy to install and adjust. Performance-wise, it’s second to none. You can crank the boost level up to 60PSI if your vehicle can take that kind of pressure.

The most exciting thing about this controller is that it costs less than $100, which is a small price to pay for the performance it provides. If you’re aiming to purchase a manual boost controller, the Grimspeed 070002 is your best bet.

Our Experience With the GrimmSpeed 070002

  • The device came with great packaging and in good shape. We loved the fact that it didn’t look like most other manual boost controllers. The material seemed solid and sturdy enough to withstand great pressure.
  • We downloaded the manual and gave it a read. It answers all the questions you might have about the product. There was every detail of the installation and mounting written in the manual.
  • Installing the 070002 was a piece of cake. It took less than 10 minutes to set up the device in any vehicle. We faced no issue attaching it to the vacuum hose and it was ready to be tested in no time.
  • Where most other manual boost controllers struggle to achieve 30PSI, we could crank the boost level all the way up to 60PSI with the Grimspeed 070002. Make note that we only tried this in the vehicles that are capable of withstanding that pressure.
  • With every click, the Grimspeed 070002 provided 0.25 PSI. Twisting it clockwise gave us an increase in the boost. Similarly, when we needed to reduce the boost level, twisting it anticlockwise did the trick.
  • There was a noticeable improvement in the response of the vehicles. The response and spool-up were quicker than before and horsepower and torque increased massively. The vehicle also sounded better with the increased boost.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The click didn’t make the ratcheting sound that we expected. This sometimes made it hard to determine where we were with the boost level.
  • Like all manual boost controllers, this one needs some expertise to use. So, it’s not really a great choice for amateur motorists.

What Could Be Improved

  • Grimspeed could indicate the inlet and outlet on the device itself.
  • The click sound could be a little louder.

Our Recommendations

  • Make sure to keep the vacuum hose as short as you can. This will help the device perform at its best.


  • Controller Type: Manual
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: .67lbs
  • Material: Weapons-Grade 6061 Aluminum


  • Exceptional design and build
  • Sturdy materials
  • Ultra-fine resolution
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent boost range
  • Enhanced torque and horsepower
  • Great pricing


  • Clicking noise could be louder

05 NXS Motorsports Signature Series Manual Boost Controller (Budget Pick)

NXS Motorsports Signature Series Manual Boost Controller

Why It Stands Out to Us

Finding the best vehicle parts on a budget can get tricky because most budget-oriented automobile parts often fail to provide optimum results. However, the manual boost controller from NXS Motorsports surfs against the current as it comes at a low price and performs like a beast at the same time.

With sturdy construction made of 440c stainless steel, this boost controller handles boost levels up to 30PSI. You’ll find it very easy to install and use. This small device can improve the horsepower and torque in your engine instantly.

Apart from that, the manufacturers have included a lifetime warranty with the product that tells you how much confidence they have in their product. If you’re looking for the best value for your money, make sure you go for the NXS Motorsports Signature Series Manual Boost Controller.

Our Experience With the NXS Motorsports Signature Series Manual Boost Controller

  • The product came in really good condition and the packaging was great as well. It featured a pretty traditional look. The materials used in the boost controller felt premium and very sturdy.
  • We downloaded the user guide and we have to admit that NXS Motorsports did a very decent job making it. The user’s manual had every bit of information we needed about the boost controller.
  • The NXS boost controller had one of the easiest installations in all the manual boost controllers we used. Both the inlet and the outlet were very easy to connect to the hose. We faced no issues tying the unit with zip lines as well.
  • The adjuster looked like a bolt and twisting it was way easier than the adjusters in most of the manual boost controllers we reviewed. Twisting the adjuster clockwise increased the boost and twisting it anticlockwise reduced the boost levels.
  • For how low priced it was, we were very satisfied with the maximum boost levels the device could achieve. We could get a maximum of 30PSI with the NXS boost controller.
  • In terms of performance, there wasn’t anything to complain about. With an increased boost, the engine worked great. Horsepower and torque increased significantly as well and the noise that the turbo made was very satisfying to listen to.
  • After using the NXS manual boost controller for about three months, we didn’t notice any leaks or decline in performance.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users complained about the ball getting stuck and blocking the air completely.
  • This controller cannot achieve more than 30PSI of boost.

What Could Be Improved

  • The maximum boost could be increased a bit.

Our Recommendations

  • Make sure to check the configuration every month because the device may need some re-tuning.


  • Dimensions: 3x 1x 1 inches
  • Weight: .22lbs
  • Controller Type: Manual
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 440c Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: Lifetime


  • Straightforward design
  • Premium material
  • Easy to set up
  • Fine-tune adjustments
  • Increased power
  • Enhanced boost response
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easily affordable


  • Cannot achieve more than 30PSI

Do You Really Need Boost Controllers?

Just like the name suggests, a boost controller simply controls the boost of a vehicle. It is a simple mechanical or electromechanical device that channels the flow of pressure from the compressor of a turbo engine to the wastegate actuator.

If you don’t know what a wastegate is, it’s a mechanism that acts like a gate that opens and closes to maintain the pressure levels in and around the turbo. If the pressure level of the exhaust exceeds the configured pressure level in the actuator, the wastegate opens to channel the exhaust around the turbine and decreases the boost.

The main purpose of having a boost controller is to manipulate the wastegate by flowing the amount of pressure that won’t trigger the gate to open. For example; if the wastegate opens at anything more than 5PSI, configuring the boost controller’s output to 5PSI will keep the wastegate close even if the actual pressure flowing through the turbo is more than 5PSI.

Different Types of Boost Controllers

Types of Boost Controllers

i) Bleed Boost Controllers

Like all other boost controllers, these manual devices are installed in the vacuum line of the wastegate. They can be used anywhere on the line but typically they’re kept near the wastegate. The bleed controllers bleed off pressure from the line and keep the wastegate close.

For a better understanding, let’s say a bleed-type controller is installed in a vehicle that uses a wastegate, which opens at 10PSI. If the controller bleeds off 2PSI of gas, the turbo will have to produce 12 PSI of gas to open the wastegate. This procedure will increase the boost of the vehicle by 2 PSI.


  • Boost pressure stays solid
  • Causes less boost spiking


  • Doesn’t assist spool response as much as the other types of controllers

ii) Ball and Spring Boost Controllers

These controllers are completely manual and use a ball and a spring to control the air pressure. The ball stops airflow until the point when it’s overpowered by the pressure. These controllers are vacuum lines of the wastegate, just like their bleed counterparts.

The ball and spring boost controller is configured by tightening the spring. As the tightness in the spring increases, the required pressure for the turbines to unlock the wastegate increases as well. This forces the turbo to generate more pressure than usual.


  • Instantly adjusts boost pressure
  • Makes the turbo more responsive


  • Prone to issues like over-spiking

iii. Electronic Boost Controllers

Electronic boost controllers from different manufacturers operate differently. To generalize how they work, it can be said that these electromechanical devices hide the actual level of pressure from the wastegates just like the ball and spring boost controllers until the boost level exceeds a certain point.

However, when and if the pressure reaches the point where it can be harmful to the vehicle, the software part of the device kicks in and commands the mechanical part to open the wastegate. Unlike the manual ones, the electronic boost controllers keep the boost in check and save the vehicle from damages.


  • You can control it from inside the car
  • Increases spool and boost response better than any other controllers
  • Works great in suppressing the boost spiking


  • Installation can be difficult


Any boost controller – whether manual or electrical – comes with a certain degree of threat to the vehicle itself.  If the device is not configured according to your vehicle, it can damage the vehicle and even destroy the engine.

As a rule of thumb, turbocharged or supercharged engines are by nature set to a “high performance” mode that generates a lot of power. Cranking up the boost to an extensive level can increase the temperature to an extent that could damage the engine or other smaller components.

On the flip side, lower-performance vehicles do not feature the extra horsepower that’s needed for the additional boost you’re aiming to get with a boost controller. Increasing the boost without having that stock power can spoil the engine completely. To avoid such problems, make sure to do full research on your vehicle and determine if it’s ready for the kind of boost you’re trying to achieve.


Boost controllers are one of those automobile parts, which are difficult to put a warranty policy on. In most cases, budget-oriented boost controllers don’t come with any warranties. But products with bigger price tags can give you up to 1-5 years of warranty depending on the manufacturers.


You’ll find a lot of varieties in terms of price range on the market for boost controllers. It goes without saying that manual boost controllers will cost you less than electric ones. Depending on the quality and the brand, a manual boost controller can cost you from 20-200 dollars. On the flip side, for an electric model, you’ll have to spend 100-500 dollars.


Q. 1: Does a boost controller increase engine power?

Ans: Using a boost controller in a turbocharged or supercharged engine can increase the rpm in the turbine and the horsepower of the engine. So, it’s safe to say that boost controllers can enhance the abilities of the engine.

Q. 2: Are manual boost controllers safe?

Ans: Manual controllers are the most commonly used type of boost controllers out there. These devices can be a threat to the engine if they’re not tuned properly. But if configured properly, manual boost controllers do no damage to your vehicle.

Q. 3: Do I need a boost controller with an external wastegate?

Ans: Most external wastegates feature larger springs and actuator diaphragms that can handle greater boost pressure than those of the internal wastegates. However, a boost controller can be used to increase or decrease the boost of a vehicle. So, it’s pretty normal to use a boost controller with an external wastegate.

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