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Which Headlight to Choose for Your Car in 2024: H1, or H7?

h1 vs h7
Last Updated on Dec 25, 2023 By Lillian Kazmierczak

Decisions, decisions. What do you choose when replacing your vehicle’s headlight bulbs? The H1 bulb powers the more intense high beams that light up your environment over a wide range. The H7 bulb is for the typical low beam headlights. They are suitable for day-to-day driving because they illuminate a smaller range of your environment.

H1 Bulb: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Versatile
  • Quality built
  • Long lifetime
  • Popular with car manufacturers


  • Fragile
  • Light pollution
  • Unpopular color temperature

H7 Bulb: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Good for daily driving
  • Optimal for low visibility
  • Easy to install
  • Low Price
  • Doesn’t blind oncoming drivers
  • Warm color
  • Versatile
  • Dimmable


  • Only illuminates short distances
  • Short lifespan
  • Energy inefficient
  • Not bright enough
  • Can overheat
  • Not attractive/elegant

Key Differences Between H1 and H7 Bulbs

Maximum lumens/Wattage

H1 – This bulb has a maximum of 65Watts and 1410 lumens (at 12 volts). This complies with US regulations.

H7 – Complying with US regulations, this bulb outputs a maximum of 55Watts and 1350 lumens (12 volts).

Winner – The H1 bulb shines in this category since it outputs more lumens; hence it is brighter with a more extended range.

High beam vs low beam

H1 – This is used for high beam headlights.

H7 – This is used for low beam headlights.

Winner – They are single beam bulbs, using one filament to make a fixed beam; however, the H1 bulb is brighter.

Use applications

H1 – This high beam, long-range light is usually used on open highways, not on well-lit rural areas and roads.

H7 – This low beam, short-range light is good for lighting up the road close to your vehicle. It can be used for driving every day on main roads and highways.

Winner – For practical, everyday driving and use, the H7 wins this one.


H1 – Because they are not used constantly, they have less power consumption. They claim they have a service life of up to 50 000 hours.

H7 – The longevity of this headlight depends on numerous factors, but on average, it can last from 450 to 1000 hours.

Winner – The H1 has a longer lifespan, but that’s because they are not always used daily.

Bulb equivalence

H1 – The H1 bulb is equivalent to the HIST/XV bulbs.

H7 – The H7 bulb is equivalent to the H7EB/64210/XV/CB/ST/SU.

Winner – The H7 has a larger quantity of equivalent bulbs.

Major Differences of H1 and H7 Bulbs at a Glance

Comparing points H1 H7
Lumens 1410 lumens 1350 lumens
Wattage 65 watts 55 watts
Voltage 12 volt 12 volt
Brightness More brighter Less brighter
Beam type High beam headlight Low beam headlight
Beam number Single beam Single beam
Usage condition Open highways Both well lit rural areas and highways
Range Long range Short range
Life span 50,000 hours 450-1000 hours on average
Usage pattern Less constant use More constant use
Bulb equivalence Equivalent to the HIST/XV bulbs Equivalent to the H7EB/64210/XV/CB/ST/SU
Energy consumption Energy efficient Energy efficient
Usage Not good for daily driving Good for daily driving
Illumination Near the car Far from car
Working pattern Works better on fogg and darkness Not suitable for foggy conditions

Which bulb should you use?

The H1 and H7 bulbs are energy-efficient, single beam lights that use one filament to make a steady beam. Quite rapidly, they are taking over the market for bulb types used in vehicles. The H1 is a high beam, and long-range light pierces through the darkness, fog, rural areas, and open highways. The H7 bulb illuminates the ground that’s closer to the car. It’s a low beam light that brightens up a shorter distance and is great for daily use.


Q. Will an h7 bulb fit h1?

Although both bulbs are in the same category, they aren’t interchangeable. An H7 bulb will not fit in an H1 bulb socket.

Q. What does the H stand for in H1 and H7 bulbs?

The H stands for the halogen technology it uses. Many headlight lamps have this output level, but they all differ. That’s why you need to figure out the exact one that will fit into your vehicle.

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